Marcelo: Cristiano is not the Owner of Real Madrid

Marcelo: Cristiano is not the Owner of Real Madrid


One of the Real Madrid captains, Marcelo, spoke in press conference before playing the World Cup with Brazil. The South American team is again one of the favourites to win the tournament and Marcelo is, probably, the best left back in Russia. He is also one of the most important players of the Spanish giants and he was asked about the current situation of the club, especially about Cristiano Ronaldo’s possible departure or Neymar’s arrival.

Even if Cristiano Ronaldo is one of his closest friends in the dressing room, Marcelo wasn’t very happy about his team mate’s behaviour recently: “Cristiano is not the owner of Real Madrid. Not because Cristiano is there, Neymar cannot arrive… Every player is supporting Cristiano to stay, but Neymar has always the doors opened. I think the best players of the world have to play at Real Madrid, and I said two or three years ago that Neymar will play at Madrid one day”, Marcelo said.

We have to remember that Cristiano Ronaldo hinted his departure after the Champions League final at Kiev. In addition, this week, the newspaper Record said that the Portuguese player will leave the club, obviously this information was leaked by Mendes associates. Some reports inform that Cristiano is angry because of the rumours linking Neymar with Real Madrid.

Marcelo also spoke about Sergio Ramos, who was accused of hurting Salah and Karius. The Spaniard defending himself saying that also Firmino could have got a cold because of his sweat, but the Brazilian striker didn’t take very well the joke: “I know Sergio Ramos for 12 years. It’s boring winning three Champions League in a row and everybody talks because he hit the goalkeeper, because someone was sent off or because there was a penalty not scored. We have to put in value the three titles Real Madrid won. And people blame Ramos. About what Firmino said, I don’t want to say anything but I have an opinion. I think there should always be respect for a colleague”, Marcelo said defending Ramos.

Finally, Marcelo spoke about the Ballon d’Or award: “Until now, I haven’t understood the criteria for the Ballon d’Or Award or the Best 11 Players for FIFA. If it’s about titles, about the season, about the face the players were born… If anyone knows, just tell me [laughs]. So far, I think it’s about the season. Whoever has more votes win. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player of the world for me, no doubt. And Neymar has a brilliant career in front of him and he might be equal in the future”.