Match Report Juventus 1-4 Real Madrid: Los Blancos win their 12th Champions...

Match Report Juventus 1-4 Real Madrid: Los Blancos win their 12th Champions League


Real Madrid lifted their 12th Champions League against Juventus (1-4) in a brilliant final played at the Millennium Stadium of Cardiff. Los Blancos have not lost a final since 1981 and they showed in this clash why they are currently the best team in all Europe. The team managed by Zidane makes history winning the Champions League for second time in a row.

Zidane decided to introduce his best line up with the great absence of Gareth Bale who was not 100% fit to play the 90′ minutes. Isco was the player who had to connect the midfield with the attack. Yañez, Coentrao, Pepe, Lucas Vazquez and James Rodríguez didn’t enter in the list and they had to watch the game from the stand. This was a very tough decision for the French manager because he had clear four discards, but he had many doubts with the other two. He finally decided to let Lucas Vázquez out of list (as in El Clásico) and James Rodríguez, that seems that his stage at Madrid it’s over.

Juventus started the clash better and they had the first chance of the game with two opportunities of Gonzalo Higuaín and with a great long shot of Pjanic, but Keylor Navas prevented the goals with three very good saves. The team managed by Allegri was playing with a lot of intensity and they were having the control in the midfield with the Bosnian being the player who was guiding all the squad.

After the poor first 10 minutes of Real Madrid, the team managed by Zidane started to have the ball possession, a very clever idea because that was the best weapon to stop the Italian side attacks. In the 21st minute Real Madrid opened the scoreboard of the final in a counterattack with a great play of Carvajal who assisted to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker appeared once again in an important match beating Buffon with a great shot. With this goal it seemed that Real Madrid did the most difficult task, but only six minutes later Mandzukic tied the game with a great bicycle shot, unstoppable for Keylor Navas. With the tie,   Juventus were more confident and they recovered the level of the first minutes of the clash, being superior than Real Madrid and creating chances until the half time.

The second half started very even, with both squads defending really good, without making mistakes. Kroos was being the best player in Real Madrid, confirming that he arrived to the end of the season in a high level. With his passes the team managed by Zidane started to play much better. In the 61st minute Casemiro scored the second goal from a 30 yard shot that took a wicked deflection off Khedira as it flied beyond Buffon into the bottom corner. This was a very important goal because the match was being very equalize. Only three minutes later, Cristiano scored his second personal goal from a great pass of Modric. With these two goals, Juventus seemed very dejected knowing that Real Madrid were being very superior and that it was going to be very difficult to do a comeback.

In the 76th minute Zinedine Zidane decided to do his first substitution, replacing Benzema by Bale, who returned to the pitch after being several weeks injured. Only five minutes later Asensio replaced Isco who played a very good second half, being the play maker of the team and having a lot of mobility. In the first ball the Spanish player touched, he scored the fourth goal for Los Blancos. It was going to be difficult to think that Real Madrid was going to thrash Juventus, but the team managed by Zidane has shown that they can win to any team, despite playing against a side who is one of the best teams defending in the world.

Congratulations to Real Madrid who are the Champions League winner making history, winning back-to-back titles in the European trophy. Los Blancos finish the season winning La Liga and the Champions League in a year that will be difficult to forget for Real Madrid supporters.