Match Report Real Madrid 1 – Tottenham 1: Keylor and Lloris Keep...

Match Report Real Madrid 1 – Tottenham 1: Keylor and Lloris Keep the Draw


Real Madrid drew (1-1) against Tottenham in the third week of the Champions League group stage. The point is important because Dortmund could only get a point from Nicosia, so they keep the distance with the German side. Los Blancos failed again at home this season in a very level game. Keylor Navas and Hugo Lloris saved several clear chances to keep the point for their teams.

Zinedine Zidane put in the pitch the expected line-up with Achraf Hakimi as the main news. And actually the right back was important very soon. Achraf put a perfect cross in the 4th minute and Cristiano Ronaldo head to the bar and then Benzema missed a very clear chance without goalkeeper. The Portuguese tried again in the 16th after a great movement of Benzema but his shot went out.

Tottenham were also on the pitch and Harry Kane had the best chance with a header after a free kick but he found Keylor Navas. Tottenham started playing better and they found the goal in the 28th. Varane scored an own goal after a touch of Kane. It was the worst moment for Los Blancos but they reacted and drew before the half time. Toni Kroos fell inside the box and Cristiano didn’t miss the chance from the penalty spot. A draw before the half tme that was well deserved.

In the second half, Real Madrid could take the lead. In the 7th minute, Casemiro put a perfect ball and Benzema missed it although all the stadium was shouting the goal. Real Madrid were playing much better, closer to Lloris’ goal. The French goalkeeper was the best player of their team and he saved another great shot from Cristiano Ronaldo. Actually the Portuguese tried again after two great dribbles found he found again Lloris.

Tottenham had also their options and Kane missed a very clear chance because Keylor saved it amazingly. Kaylor was again the hero two minutes later with Eriksen as the rival. Zidne had to do something and he introduced Asensio for Benzema. The substitution didn’t change many things, because Los Blancos couldn’t find the spaces with the Spurs defending well. The time finished and Los Blancos couldn’t score the definitive goal, so they will have to go to Wembley and get, at least, a point.