Messi is better than Ronaldo: Henry

Messi is better than Ronaldo: Henry


Former Arsenal and Barcelona star Thierry Henry believes that his old team-mate Lionel Messi is ‘more talented’ than his Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi was often the star man as he sometimes singlehandedly dragged Argentina all the way to the World Cup Final, winning FIFA’s Golden Ball on the way.

But despite Ronaldo and Portugal going out at the group stage, the Real forward won the Ballon D’Or for the second time.

However, World Cup winner Henry believes that whilst Ronaldo is a very good player, Messi has achieved the level he has through talent.

In an interview with the BBC, the Frenchman said “Lionel Messi is the best player in the world but I respect the amount of work Cristiano Ronaldo has put into the game.

“Ronaldo had to work really hard to reach the top.  I am not saying Messi does not work hard – but it is more natural. They have the same mentality but that’s the difference.

Henry continued, explaining “Messi is just a freak of nature. It is nice for kids to watch as they can see one guy who was given a gift and the other guy who does it through hard work.”




  1. Honestly wot mr thiery henry said is d truth and nting bt d truth cos messi is d best nd ronaldo is also d best bt tru his own artificial wrk. Messi is given naturally as a gift 4rm God. So dat is y he is d best

  2. Henry is an ex barca player of course he said that.Why is this appearing in Madrid blog?No madridista cares about what he said and he himself is nobody when compared to Ronaldo(both of them) so who gives a damn about his comment?

  3. Who cares what Henry has to say Messi is a favourite thats y he got the golden ball for poor game despite goin to the finals.

    • I second that…….either Kroos or James should have won it.The coincidence is both joined Real and another Barca player has won it unfairly.All of Messi’s goals in this WC were in the group stage against lowly opposition while Portugal were in the second most difficult group.

  4. we should not expect from an ex-Barcelona player to say anything else… open your eyes and see the truth henry!

  5. Messi is a gifted talent whil ronaldo is jst self desir hard working player dat is y messi is better than him.u can compere nature wit atificail no!! Messi is naturally gifted.

  6. Can’t compare the 2 players. No doubt they are both the best in the world, but they play very different positions on the pitch. To settle all the speculations why don’t we just say they both are no. 1