Mourinho says Diego Lopez is better than Casillas

Mourinho says Diego Lopez is better than Casillas


Although Florentino Perez had made a call for unity until the season ends, Jose Mourinho brought confrontation back to his press conferences claiming that “Diego Lopez is better than Casillas”.

“It is not a personal decision. I prefer a goalkeeper than can play the ball with his feet and be dominant with high balls and crosses”.

“I like other kind of keeper the same way as Casillas can say he likes other kind of manager. So as long as I’m Real’s boss, Diego Lopez is going to play”, he said.

“I accept it if someone says that Casillas is better than Diego Lopez but you have to accept that I am the manager of Real Madrid. I have to pick a team and I don’t do it by flipping a coin”, he told the reporters.

‘Pepe is frustrated because he is on the bench’

Mourinho also responded to Pepe, who had said the coach’s declarations against
Casillas had not been “appropriate”.

“Pepe’s problem has a name and that is Raphael Varane. We are talking about frustration. It can’t be easy for a 31-year-old to be run over by a 19-year-old kid”.

“I have no problem with Pepe. I know this is not an easy situation but I have to be honest: there are very few people who don’t think that the future centre backs of Real Madrid are Varane and Sergio Ramos”.

“That is the only decision I’ve made that you haven’t criticized”, Mourinho reproached the journalists.