Obsessed Jose Mourinho still talking about Real Madrid

Obsessed Jose Mourinho still talking about Real Madrid


Former Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has criticised the culture that existed in the dressing room at the club while he was in charge, saying many of the players were too concerned about their image and would queue up to look in the mirror before taking to the field.

The Portuguese boss, now in charge of Chelsea, failed in his objective to win the club’s 10th Champions League crown. In his three years in charge at the club, he landed the La Liga title once and the Copa del Rey.

However, he left the Santiago Bernabeu in acrimonious fashion, having fallen out with a number of his own squad, many match officials, and plenty of Barcelona players and staff too.

Speaking to Esquire magazine, Mourinho said: “Lots of times at Real Madrid, the players would be queuing in front of the mirror before the game while the referee waited for them in the tunnel. But that’s how society is now. Young people care a lot about this: they are twentysomething and I am 51 and if I want to work with kids I have to understand their world.”

In 2005, Mourinho infamously called Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger a ‘voyeur’ for always looking at and talking about what his Chelsea team was doing. In the past few weeks though, the self-declared Special One has himself spent plenty of time discussing other teams and not his own. The comments about Real Madrid players follow on from disrespectful remarks about Wenger and Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini.