Other players fell out with Jose Mourinho – Iker Casillas

Other players fell out with Jose Mourinho – Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas

Ex-Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas has said he wasn’t the only player to fall out with former boss Jose Mourinho during the Portuguese’ controversial time in charge.

The now-Chelsea manager spent three years at the club and rather than leave a legacy of winning titles, left having fallen out with many of his squad along with plenty of opposition managers and Spanish FA officials.

Casillas was accused of being a mole and leaking dressing room stories to his journalist girlfriend Sara Carbonero.

Speaking to Deportes Cuatro, Casillas said being singled out wasn’t fair as there were others who fell out with Mourinho.

“It was like being in a couple. In the end it disintegrates. You start well at the beginning and later on, you don’t have that feeling that you had before; ‘He cares more about the national team than Real Madrid, he doesn’t train, he is unprofessional, he leaks things to the press, he is a mole’… I will make it clear – I am not going to tell the club what it should have done. I looked out for the club and kept quiet,” he stated.

And he added: “I knew some other players didn’t get on with Mourinho, but the only one singled out was Iker Casillas. I don’t get it. What really irritated me was how when we were going for La Liga as we were, the supporters focused more on me when I fetched the ball to take goal kicks.”