Paul Clement: I’d love to be head coach one day

Paul Clement: I’d love to be head coach one day


Real Madrid assistant manager Paul Clement has insisted he would love to be head coach one day, but for now he is happy to be at Real Madrid and help them in their quest to win more trophies.

The Englishman arrived in the Spanish capital with Carlo Ancelotti having worked under him at Chelsea and PSG. The pair plotted Madrid’s win in the Champions League, Copa del Rey and European Super Cup, and while Ancelotti gets the headlines, Clement’s progress hasn’t gone unnoticed back home in England.

In an interview with the Independent newspaper, Clement revealed he would love to be a manager one day.

“As long as I can. I’m enjoying it tremendously and it’s the chance to win big trophies,” he said. “That doesn’t mean I haven’t got my eye on what I want to do next, which is to try to be a head coach somewhere.”

Speaking about the current squad at the Santiago Bernabeu, Clement said the players love playing with each other but all are hugely competitive – something that he demands from his players.

“The level here is so high, both physically and technically, and it just continues to improve with James and Kroos coming in. But they are also tremendously competitive. We can be doing a shooting drill and they’ll say, ‘Let’s make this into a competition’. It’s the same with the keep-ball exercises and the passing drills,” he comment.

“When the final whistle goes in one of those small-sided games there is always a massive cheer going up from the team that has won the match. And the ones that haven’t won, their heads will go down and they’ll get straight in to change, really disappointed: ‘Lost the game today, got to win it tomorrow’.”