Real Madrid Bosses Look for a New Full Back

Real Madrid Bosses Look for a New Full Back

Jose Maria Gimenez

There are many things preventing Real Madrid to succeed this season. Among all these issues, we have to include the bad sports policy in the last years with signings that are not shining. The defense line is also suffering this issue and the bosses are already having a look at the market to see which players could be available for Los Blancos.

Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane are the full back pair of Real Madrid. No one has a doubt about this, but they need competitors and good replacements in case one of them get injured. Right now, only Nacho Fernández is able to replace them with guarantees. Actually, he is always the first option.

On the other hand we have to mention Jesús Vallejo. The young player has only participated in 12 games in the last 14 months. He has played some good games, but he is suffering many injuries and he is also very shy, so it will be very difficult to see him succeed with Los Blancos. A loan or a buy-back clause could be ideal for him, but this will be in the summer.

Meanwhile, the scouters are having a look at the market to see the options. Real Madrid policy is to find young and good players. They did this with Sergio Ramos and Varane, but they are running out of options. So they are looking for other top players to complete the squad. Some of these names are José María Giménez or Lucas, from Atlético Madrid, Samuel Umtiti, from FC Barcelona, or Marquinhos, from PSG. There are other options with youngsters like Leo Santos (Corinthians) o Mario Hermoso (Espanyol).

Since Pepe´s departure, two years ago, Real Madrid are looking to fill the gap unsuccessfully. Some of the names mentioned above are already very good players, but the cost will be very high. We’ve seen recently how Liverpool signed Van Dijk for a £75m deal. Los Blancos are not willing to expend this much money for a substitute player, especially when the attacking line is the priority right now. However, they will be working the whole season to see what the market can offer them.