Real Madrid players who could leave in summer

Real Madrid players who could leave in summer


Real Madrid have many good players in their squad but as every huge side, there are players who can leave the club when the season ends in order to increase the competition and to win money that will later allow to sign, Real Madrid must decide what players do they have to sell and which it declare non-tranferible. The sales after all are necessary either to leave places free in the squad or to be able to spend money later in another player from other team. These are the players who can leave Real Madrid on June:

Keylor Navas: This is not the best season of Keylor Navas since his arrival, despite he has improved and that he is appearing in the decisive stage of the season. We must add that it looks like De Gea is very close from Real Madrid, and if finally the Spanish goalkeeper sings with Real Madrid, Keylor will must search another side.

Kiko Casilla: It’s a different case than Keylor Navas although they have both similar purpose. The Catalan goalkeeper has played really good when Zidane has needed him, and this is precisely why Real Madrid could take advantage of his good performances and win several millions with his departure.

Danilo: The Brazilian right back is not being the player that Real Madrid expected. At 25 years, the former Porto is having several mistakes this season as the one he idid last Wednesday against Atlético. Considering that he signed for Real Madrid for an amount of €30M, Los Blancos can listen offers from other clubs and recover part of what they have invested.

Fabio Coentrao: Nowadays he is the worst player of the squad and the Portuguese left back has some offers from a couple of teams from Portugal, so it looks like this will be his last season with Real Madrid’s shirt.

James Rodríguez: The Colombian is a great player, but neither he is happy at Madrid nor Real Madrid seem to trust him. Several important clubs are willing to sign James and it looks like Los Blancos will have a lot of huge offers to choose when the season ends.

Lucas Vázquez: The Galician winger is not playing as well as in the beginning of the season and nowadays in Real Madrid there are many players who can play in his position.  He is not doing a bad season but substitutes as Morata, Isco, James and Asensio are being more protagonists than Lucas. Real Madrid can receive at least €20M from him.

Pepe: The Portuguese full back can be playing his last season with Los Blancos. His contract finishes at the end of the season and he wants to renew with two years more but Florentino Pérez only offers him one. Pepe is receiving many offers from China and other important European teams and he must take a decision when the current season ends.

Gareth Bale: The Welsh player is having a vey tough season because of his injuries and he is not having the importance in the team as expected. Many important European teams, especially from Premier League, are willing to sign him for a similar amount than the one Real Madrid payed to Tottenham. Do you think Real Madrid should sell Gareth Bale and try  to sign an emerging star like Mbapp’e or Dybala?


  1. Is Perez and Zidane still protecting benzema, why isn’t he on this list? I believe it is time to let go benzema and bring in a new striker to play alongside ronaldo.

  2. Benzema should be on this list by all every reason imaginable. His performance has been below standard across Europe, if not the worst striker. Happy that Isco, Asensio, kovacic and Morata’s names ain’t on this list. Bale? Too injury prone and not contributing much to the team. I mean you’d expect him to be among next possible Baloon d’Or candidates along side Neymar, Hazard, Suarez and Diabala of Juve after the out of this world duel of Cr7 and Messi