Real Madrid’s figures to bet on at The World Cup 2018

Real Madrid’s figures to bet on at The World Cup 2018


2018 is a great year for Madridistas, it hasn’t been long since the Real Madrid won the Champions League for the third time in a row and players are already back in the field disputing the most important football tournament; The World Cup Russia 2018. Without a doubt the World Cup offers great emotion for all football fans, and for The Whites the expectations are high as several players from the Real Madrid squad are special figures for their national team’s rosters.

We’ll review the main figures from the Real Madrid playing at Russia 2018 and we’ll give you some tips for placing bets on them and their national teams focusing on one of the biggest trends of betting on this World Cup: in-play betting. All major sport betting platforms are offering free stream of the matches for football in-play betting, even from mobile devices, which made of online casinos one of the best ways to see the matches comfortably from anywhere. In-play betting offers more than just commodity to add some excitement to watching the World Cup, in fact; in-play betting offers a complete different experience, in this modality the possibilities of using your knowledge on individual players to win your bets are higher which makes it perfect to place bets on The Whites players you know so well. However, you should also take in consideration the constantly changing odds and the importance of budget management, because you can place bets more quickly it means you could win or lose quicker too.

Germany: The Surgeon is one of the best promises of the German team, Toni Kroos champion of the World Cup 2014 promises a great spectacle for Russia 2018. Let’s not forget, this player has the record of scoring two goals in a World Cup match in less than 69 seconds. However, if you’re planning to bet on him repeating the story, you might want to check the InsureBet options some sportbooks offer; in this type of bets you’ll win if the player scores two or more goals, and in case he only scores one you’ll receive a refund of your initial bet, definitively a great betting option for Kroos’s appearance on this World Cup.

Croatia: Real Madrid’s little magician; Luka Modric is also a main figure for Russia 2018, besides the controversy of being charged with perjury on a corruption case, the Croatian captain is already proving his value scoring important goals for the team in this World Cup. Kovacic is another important player to check out on the next matches as some people expect this World Cup to be the scenario for this versatile player to prove his real skills.

Portugal: Indisputably, the eyes of the Madridistas in the World Cup will be focusing on Portugal. Team where the forward, five times Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo disputes the win the Golden Boot, another great betting opportunity according to his initial appearances and current position.

Brazil: Russia 2018 is the perfect opportunity for Marcelo to redeem from the last World Cup Brazilian team performance. Criticized for playing at the historic 7-1 defeat to Germany and specially for scoring an own goal against Croatia at the beginning of 2014 World Cup, Marcelo will bring his top skills to Russia and playing side to side with Neymar promises to be a decisive player for the Brazilian squad.

Spain: Evidently, the team to watch if you want to see the performance of The Whites at the World Cup. In fact, the Real Madrid is the team with more representation among the Spanish World Cup squad. A good focus of the bets on this team remain on their defender’s positions including Nacho Fernandez, Dani Carvajal and Sergio Ramos; who not only is the captain of the team but is also considered by many as the best center back in the cup. Lucas Vàzquez, Isco and Asensio are also great promises for the Spanish team. Actually, some experts rely on Asensio’s speed to accelerate the Spanish play on the field, remember that speed is one of the most important factors to bear in mind when placing in-play bets as odds are timely sensitive.