Real Madrid’s plan B if Pogba move fails: Sissoko or Verratti

Real Madrid’s plan B if Pogba move fails: Sissoko or Verratti


Real Madrid continue to work away behind the scenes on signing Paul Pogba this summer, with Zidane having asked Madrid boss Florentino Pérez to bring the French midfielder in, but it looks increasingly likely it will be Manchester United who sign the player.

Real Madrid are baulking at the eye-watering 110 million euros, or more, Mourinho is willing to splurge on the player, plus another 25 million euros or so to his agent Mino Raiola.

To cover the likely scenario where Pogba doesn’t come to Madrid, Bernabéu bosses are looking at other cheaper options as their plan B. Moussa Sissoko is one name in the mix, with English press reporting that Real Madrid have an offer prepared to send to Newcastle as soon as United and Juventus announce the Pogba transfer.

The Telegraph goes even further and says a deal is imminent, with Newcastle accepting they can’t fight off the Spanish giants. Rafa Benítez has apparently known for weeks about Sissoko’s intention to leave the club and all the Spanish coach can do now is get the best deal he can for the player. The French international was generally considered to have had a poor season last year, but shone at the recent Euro Championships.

A good deal for Newcastle would be to get 35 millions for the 26 year old midfielder. They might well get close to that figure, with Real Madrid likely to be bidding against Juventus of Turín, Borussia Dortmund and Everton for the player’s services.

The other player Real Madrid are looking keenly at is Marco Verratti. Zidane likes the player, but PSG have never shown any signs they want to sell him. Furthermore the French club are starting a new period under Emery and getting rid of one of their bigger names doesn’t appear to be an option.


  1. Ha ha ha the Galacticos trying to push down the transfer fee !!!!

    Sisooko is available for the right money, Marco Verratti aint. Get your bleeding cheque book out RM ! The amount of TV money may be dwindling in Spain but you’re not short of a few bob !

  2. Sissoko will cost around the 35 million mark, which wouldn’t make him a cheap alternative, despite Pogba’s inflated fee. Sissoko’s form last year, and he hasn’t done enough to command such a robust transfer fee to a club like Madrid.