Should Real Madrid sign Neymar?

Should Real Madrid sign Neymar?


It seems like Florentino Perez is determined to turn Neymar into the most expensive player in football history. According to the latest reports, the Los Blancos president believes that is the best way to end Barcelona’s supremacy in European football, which seems likely to continue this season.

Spanish press has reported that Los Merengues are ready to pay 190 million euros for Neymar next summer and pay him the highest salary in the world, in order to hurt Barcelona and bring a perfect replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, not all the fans are convinced that Neymar’s signing will be positive for the team, and their arguments should be taken into consideration.

First of all, paying 190 million for a football player is completely insane. That’s almost twice what Ronaldo and Gareth Bale cost. It is going to be hard for Perez to get a return on that investment despite his great business skills. In the past few years, La Liga have become very rigid regarding salary limits, and signing Neymar would probably mean that Real would be unable to bring any other players next summer, unless they succeed in selling Ronaldo for a considerably high amount, which seems a bit difficult at the moment.

Neymar’s transfer could also make some of the current players unhappy. It is known that Ronaldo doesn’t like to be reminded that Gareth Bale cost more than him. How will he feel if he stays at Real Madrid one more season and they bring a player who is younger than him, cost almost twice what he cost, and gets paid almost twice his salary? Of course, Perez would try to avoid that situation by selling CR7, but other players such as Bale or Sergio Ramos could also feel uncomfortable with this situation.

Leaving economics aside, many also claim that Neymar’s style doesn’t fit in Real Madrid. Yet, I believe it is totally the opposite. He could play a similar role as Ronaldo’s, playing in the left wing, creating space with his dribbles and speed, and obviously scoring goals. But unlike Ronaldo, who is always more willing to score than to assist, Neymar would help his team-mates improve his statistics and would probably contribute to create a better mood in the team, with Bale and Benzema feeling more important.

As for the fact that we would steal Barcelona their most talented young player, that would certainly be a big morale booster for all the organization: fans, players, staff and directors. There’s this feeling at Real Madrid that whatever they do, Barca keep beating them, and many times humiliating them. Perez has tried everything to turn this situation around, from signing the best managers in the world –Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti– to gathering all the world-class stars available. However, nothing has seemed to work. Neymar’s arrival is seen like the move that will change it all, especially if Leo Messi, who has been linked with Manchester City, leaves Barcelona.

I believe that would surely be the end of Barcelona’s era and the start of a new Madridista era. Of course the economic factors should be taken into account, but in my opinion, this specific effort would be very positive for Real Madrid. The pros clearly beat the cons from my point of view. So asked if Los Blancos should sign Neymar, my answers is obviously: YES.

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  1. Well I don’t think the signing of neymar will make any difference, what could change things around is for perez and his board members to acquire some mental treatment to gain some sanity to make the right judgements and provide quality leadership, it is shame to hear that they’re rating messi above Ronaldo, indeed they are delusional, their eractic behaviors and leadership style of sacking players and coaches is the key factor for inconsistency, the team needs a strong philosophy for consistency, I believe if Ronaldo was a barca player and messi was at Madrid the problem would have still existed, barca would have still dominated and Ronaldo would have gotten more ballon d’or over messi, honestly speaking it is Madrid that failed Ronaldo and not the other way around, the leadership at Madrid is the real problem and until there will be no change.

  2. Good morning Madird fans, my name is Abubakar Danlami, I work with National Universities Commission Maitama Abuja, I live in Masaka, I am a full real madrid fan, I want to comment on this Neyrmar issue, I am please begging realmadrid management to please forget about this neymar issue, there are many players in the world, players like Lewandosky, Hazard, Jones Stone, Verdy, what are talking. Bercelona and Bercelona fans are using this oppurtunity to say all kinds of wards to realmadrid, which is making we they madrid fans feels annoit. So please i want madrid management to rethink on this neymar signing. Thanks