Varane: Zidane’s Success is convey Calm to the Group

Varane: Zidane’s Success is convey Calm to the Group


Raphael Varane will play with his national team the last game of the season in a friendly game against England. He has spoken with France Football in a long interview talking about his career, Zinedine Zidane and the titles he’s won in his time at Real Madrid.

Varane gave a lot of credit to Zinedine Zidane in the success of the team: “Zidane’s success is knowing how to convey calm to the group and he doesn’t change his functions during the year. He’s well-known by him serenity and calm. We’re sure about his strength and our strength too. He conveys us security and this trust is always needed”.

The French defender continued speaking about his manager: “With him on the bench there is a great harmony in the team. He knows how to treat us and he’s very close with every member of the squad. He speaks little, but when he does, everybody listen. Zidane is very charismatic. He has a way to proceed very discreet for small thing, and I like it. He’s not very outgoing but he knows to conveys the messages so they can cause the effect he desires”.

Finally, Varane wanted to compare Zidane’s style with other coaches: “It’s true that his style is very different in comparison with Mourinho’s. They are very different coaches”.

Varane spoke about the atmosphere in the group: “Cristiano, Ramos and Marcelo have formed the relaxed and winning atmosphere we have in the dressing room”. “We understood the idea and we haven’t let it go since the start of the season. I think this was the success of the team”, Varane analyzed.

The full-back also analyzed his career: “The child image is now over. I came through this stage. Now I see myself as a precocious footballer who has won almost everything and who wants to keep winning to improve the track record”.

The point is that Varane has now won three Champions League trophies with only 24 years old, whereas there are many players like Buffon, Maradona or Ronaldo who never won the trophy: “It’s true that these players never won the Champions, but I can never think that my name could be close to Buffon, Maradona, Ibrahimovic or Ronaldo. They are very great. I have still a lot of time in front of me”.

Finally, he was asked about the records Varane has achieved: “Records are not an obsession to me, although they are always a good signal of doing well the job”.