Why Real Madrid should sell Cristiano Ronaldo this summer

Why Real Madrid should sell Cristiano Ronaldo this summer


Real Madrid face a crucial summer transfer window, as this could be the last time they are allowed to sign until 2018. The FIFA transfer ban threat is a big concern for Florentino Perez, as Los Blancos could be forbidden to sign players during 2017.

Thus, Los Merengues need to plan their squad for the next two years and sign all the players they need next summer, and also sell those who won’t take part in this new era.

According to the latest Real Madrid transfer news, Zinedine Zidane and Florentino Perez have already started planning an overhaul, and their main doubt is whether to keep Cristiano Ronaldo or let him go. The fans are divided on this matter, but most would probably agree to sell if Los Blancos receive a good offer.

Here are the main reasons why Real Madrid should sell Ronaldo:

1. He is 31 years old. Ronaldo’s physical condition is amazing, and he could probably keep performing at the highest level for a couple of years more. But, let’s face it, from now on, he will become slower, he could have more injury problems, and he won’t be able to dribble defenders so easily. The Portuguese has given Real Madrid his best years, and Perez should be clever to sell him before those days are over.

2. Recover the investment. Ronaldo is completing a great season and that has caused that his market value is still pretty high. Should Real Madrid sell now, they could probably recover most of the money they paid for him. Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United have shown an interest and they would surely pay at least 80 million euros, which would be enough for signing a decent replacement for the forward, one much younger and with a bright future ahead.

3. Sell him now, or keep him until 2018. If the transfer ban is confirmed, Real won’t be able to let any players go until January 2018, since they won’t be allowed to sign a replacement. If Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance drops during 2017, that will be a big problem for Los Merengues.

4. Don’t repeat the Raul and Casillas situations. The Portugal international has a strong personality and he will not accept to be benched if he is in a poor state of shape, or simply not enough to be a starter at Real Madrid. The same thing happened with Raul and Casillas, who were guaranteed starters for a time despite their poor fitness. And when the manager finally had the courage to bench them, it caused a big conflict. Imagine Zidane deciding to leave Ronaldo on the bench? Spain could have their second Civil War.

5. Change the style of play once and for all. Real Madrid have been criticised for their direct style of play, which is not possession based and relies too much on players being selfish rather than playing as a team. That will not change until Ronaldo leaves, because the Portugal international is that type of player that always shoots, even when assisting a team-mate is clearly the best option. Letting Ronaldo go would allow Zidane to established a new style based on solidarity and passing.


  1. still ronaldo is a good player
    always he is trayn to play good
    #perez u dont now who is ronaldo ???
    dont sell him or leave him to go another club becouse off to now u don have one like him

  2. Selling Ronaldo is not a good option despite the reasons analysed above, as he has proven himself to be the best and has a great zeal to work even harder. The Raul and Cassilas example to decimate Ronaldo for unseen or upseen injury is a biggest predicament, because it has concluded the speculation the when you are 32/33yrs old you are bound by injury?? This is ridiculous.

    Have we had a little thought of the impact when a star player like Ronaldo or Messi was not in the field? Well, as of my opinion I have seen that the match without Ronaldo is like a ship without the radar. So in my humble view I opine that inspiration and motivation to the team is also his greatest contribution. His presence has caused fear to the opponent which is a great thing that a team should take advantage upon. So if he is to leave Real Madrid then can we name one to replace this spot? Who have made a big name like him in the present team? Benzema? Bale? Rodriguez? Modrid? Isco?Toni?….? If you would ask me my answer is yes Sergio Ramos has made a niche in football, but not those strikers/forward whom the opponent has to stop. I don’t decimate there ability but it is always advisable to retain what you have and make a replica and then discard the old one if you had made one.
    One of the downfall of Real Madrid as per my observation is the focus is too much on forwards, so it is also advisable to check some of the defenders as well. I would place Marcelo high on this one, as he is one that the team can rely on, more Marcelo/Ramos and more Ronaldo. Thanks for reading!

  3. Real would be foolish to sel ronaldo.lok at ibra he is 36 bt he stil scores more 20 goals a season.it is al about being consistent

  4. For as long as Ronaldo remain some excellent players will NEVER opt to come Bernabeu because of his personality. My take, let go Ronaldo as well as Benzema and go for some best player out there.

  5. Do not aloud Ronaldo go till bring his replacement firs because Madrid squad without ronaldo is as motor without fuel no way to move.

  6. Comment:sell him and we gonna regret selling him like Alonso,everything is about money for Perez,haven’t you made enough money from his selling jersey?

  7. Real Madrid i don’t know what is their problem you sell ozil he is performing well like also Dimaria but if you sell ronaldo you will always cry we don’t interest about his age because what we want he is doing it then what is left now
    as a best player …. I THINK WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IS TO TRY AND WIN ELCASIO a player who’s name is always mention in the final list of balond or since 2009 up to now and he is doing well still you are thinking to sell him please think about something better than this

  8. Real Madrid i don’t know what is their problem you sell ozil he is performing well like also Dimaria but if you sell ronaldo you will always cry we don’t interest about his age because what we want he is doing it then what is left now
    as a best player …. I THINK WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IS TO TRY AND WIN ELCASIO a player who’s name is always mention in the final list of balond or since 2009 up to now and he is doing well still you are thinking to sell him please think about something better than this DON DPI THAT PLEASE

  9. Comment: stupid PEREZ doesn’t know football, sell him(Ronaldo) and watches him torn down your team in champions legaue and don’t forget that the more you booing him, the more you make him stronger

  10. Comment:It is absolutely unreasonable to think not even selling. who say CR7 can not play for us till the next seven years.

  11. Comment:perez and zidane please you guys should forget about this publish because the writer is not a real fan of madrista bring in a new player like Rinaldo,…that can mentor him and you guys should thinking about Manchester city because they are not am easy meat to eat,…i want to see Madrid all the way the final and win champions league

  12. Comment: Not all post are mearnt reading just like these one. Please Perez leave our Legend Ronaldo alone to keep making us Madridsta’s hapy by scoring hart tricks n wining matches for us.

  13. Comment:Abeg sell 2 man united we need his talent on our team.i pray devil push perez 2 sell him 2 united and regret d action 4 20yrs 2 cum…..

  14. Ronaldo is a terific plaer if real sell him maybe he we be happy but real may not have any star like christiano ronaldo he is gud in every thing before but now old age is around dats why ronaldo is week and lazy at dis tym may be mau nited still need him at old traford i love ronaldo alot Comment:

  15. Ronaldo is a key man for the club. I know the writer is just calling for the attention of readers. Can he actually show us the video interview of either manager Zidane or Perez planning on how to sell ronaldo?. Am sure he cant. Real madrid lost key players in the past like Ozil and later Di Maria and Alonso. Imagine a Morata sold just a year later came back to bully real madrid at the bernabeu. I think REAL MADRID have learnt lessons from past mistakes. Just imagine a real madrid team without tonaldo and his charismatic on form style of play. He might be ageing but performs more than other young players. What we need from him is results which he gives. What else, pls to the writer: i am realy bored with ur post. To real madrid: keep up with the team’s tradition, halla madrid. Thanks

  16. Comment:ronaldo gets better with age
    I don’t see the reason why they should sell him,the writer is lying

  17. Comment:I really love ronaldo in real Madrid zidane don’t allow him to go any way because is risk my god bless real Madrid and ronaldo

  18. Comment:Ronaldo is old now as he clocked 31 bt still a good player, the only reason rhat I believe is he is too selfish, nd this caused a problem in madrid squard. jus allow him to go, so that they can save huge amount of his salary nd also to use his money to buy a young talents that can perform lyk him in d future

  19. It’s better for madrid to keep ronaldo and to look for suitable replacement for him,cause I see no reason selling him to any top europian team, cause is performance Is more better than many strikers in the word @ 31 he still scores goals

  20. Comment:Hm, it is said that, falling down of a yellow plant is a serious warning to the green ones. This is a great mistake that Real Madrid might make, to sell Ronaldo? hmm, at this time? ok try it and see.

  21. real Madrid will literarily die without the king though team play at the Madrid side is lacking greatly the manager should definitely do something about that

  22. Comment:dn’t sell ronaldo is at that 31 he promise magical night against wolfsburg nd he did it wit hatrick still at 31 scored highest goal scorer int champions league jst do n’t deceive each other is aving injury nd d doctor confirm three week recoverness bt rest 4 jst three matches nd mancity compete us and loose of confidence nd b fired with ronado appearance so let’s leave him till next five seasons. And train james rodriguez to fully be future ronado 4 madrid nd ronado is n’t an ingrate alwys b value dat favour pls to my suggestion.
    By pnsk

  23. ronaldo is my favourite player and am one of his fans, so there is nothing like selling him in perez or zidane head he his aiming to be a legend at real madrid so with that on his mind everyday he his going to keep working.

  24. Please don’t sell him to any other club but if for any reason you wanna sell him please give him to Manchester United we always have a place for him at old Trafford.

  25. Comment: I am even surprise that by this time of the world, some people are still jobless. Please if you don’t anything important to say other than this.. I advice you not to waste your data please. Can anyone see without his/her eyes?.. the answer is capital NO.. If Madrid should sell him, that will happen to Madrid. I know that the best in the whole world (Madrid) has better more things to think about or do, other than this….. Madrid till i die.

  26. Comment:I love your write up, you have greatly analysed Real Madrid present situation. I strongly believe that Ronaldo can still carry on the next three years.

  27. Pls do nt sell CR7, cos I miss di Maria nd ozil, bt i knw we ve bale nd modric, bt Ronaldo nooo, seling Ronaldo is like sellin ur two tyres, Ronaldo nd bale I luv dem games

  28. Comment wow! to even think of selling Ronaldo is very ridiculous imagination cuz ronaldo isn’t only play for Madrid but also increases the amount of fans that loves and choose Madrid as their team.By selling Ronaldo lots are been sold all together which couldn’t be realized unless it happens,the advantages of leaving Ronaldo I thinks no need to more emphasized cuz good abouts Ronaldo are unhidden.Just Ronaldo some little additional players for an assistant so beware pls.

  29. Comment: Selling C BOY is like selling d earth. He has done more than expected for Madrid, he’s a living legend. Peremumu, sell Ronaldo and see hw useless Madrid team would be. Afori.

  30. Comment:I really support this article of selling cr7 after this season. he has lost almost everything that made him the world best player on 3 occassions. Let him go and they will be a reshape of team that will play with all their heart rather than a player getting frustrated when he is not scoring.

  31. Comment: if Perez release CR7 they are many tendency that their is no Madrid again cause cr7 is d highest goal scorer in Madrid and if he leaves no one to score as much as he could. most of Madrid fan followed Real Madrid because of CR7 so if he’s gone the fans are also gone and I know that immediately he leaves RMD leagues, champion league, copa del ray, Europa and many more tittles leave too

  32. Comment:why should u sell ronaldo,a star of the world,ithink the person who brought the opinion that ronaldo to be sold,should be sacked,,,real shoul just maintain ronaldo for more cups,,,,love real & ronaldo

  33. Comment:selling cr7 it can be a big mistake,he is 31 but still he is forming,look robinho and ronaldinho how many years they have but they are not forming change ur options perez nd zizou.

  34. Ronaldo is finished!! He’s selfish and he always has been and Will be…
    Get him the f out of Madrid…!!
    He destroys alot of good plays and other players…

    He was one of the greatest but that was then and this is now…
    Go play in some Dutch or Belgian club… And score many goals!
    Face it, Galactico needs to get back to what they ones was…

    Florentino P, you Love Ronaldo… But if you Love Madrid… You know what to do…

  35. Comment:selling Ronaldo is just like disown ur own father because he is old. The above article is meaningless or rather useless. I suggest the writer is a hater of Madrid or Ronaldo, and also an enemy of greatness, if he is bored he rather find something doing with his life instead of posting this sheet. Holla Madrid, UP C. RONALDO.

  36. Selling cr7 is amount to stupidity, @ 32 he scored over 40 goals per season. Pls tell me d young striker that can perform better to cr7.d likes of lukaku, Kane, mpappe, griezman etc they scored less than 30 goals in a season. What else are we talking about. Cr7 ride on 7 more seasons. No Ronaldo, No maldrid

  37. I don’t think selling Mighty Ronaldo, saying false things and demerit Him is the best option. I think madrid is seeking for hazard so let make an unregret bussiness through this. Collect hazard because of age and dribbles abilities and give chelsea Mighty Ronaldo. Thanks 4 reading, Halla madrid……