Zidane: Football is one of my greatest passions

Zidane: Football is one of my greatest passions


UEFA did an interview to Zinedine Zidane in which he reviews the Champions League final, his past at Juventus, and the management of give rest to Cristiano Ronaldo, a key topic in Real Madrid’s great season.

This will the second Champions League final for Zinedine Zidane in his short experience as a manger:” I am glad the football has given me this opportunity. It’s not an easy job, but it’s my passion. In fact football is one of my greatest passions. I spent three years learning about how you must manage a team, and now I have the opportunity to train this wonderful squad, so I live my passion day by day. We have a fantastic coaching staff but I must affirm that all what we have done it’s because we have a very complete team. They are aware that all the players are important in our team, and that’s what we are showing. Now we have a very difficult clash against a tough team but we know we cannot miss this opportunity”, Zidane said about his stage training at Real Madrid.

The currently manager of Real Madrid lost a final against Los Blancos when he played for Juventus in 1998:” Those moments were hards and toughs but it’s part of the career of any player, you must accept that you cannot always win. I’m happy that I could achieve afterwards the title playing for Real Madrid. All careers have good and bad moments”, the French manager said about the final he lost against Real Madrid when he playing for Juventus,

Zidane’s decision of give rest to Cristiano Ronaldo during the year has been one of the keys of the season: “It’s a decision that we made together after several conversations we have had. He is a very smart player and he knows that he needed to play a little less. It’s not just this year, it’s the accumulation of the seasons of his career playing 60 or 70 games. There is a point that you must rest and take a break. It is not because he is not physically prepared, it’s because he wants to reach the final stage of the season fit, and being the player who leads the team and now he is in the best moment of the season”, Zidane said about Cristiano Ronaldo