Zidane: I am not the best Coach in the World

Zidane: I am not the best Coach in the World

zinedine zidane

Zidane spoke at press conference after achieving the Champions League for second time in a row. The French manager seemed very happy and glad with this new trophy. Zidane highlighted the great season, the good relationship with his players, their players performance in the final and other important topics.

Zidane started the press conference doing a summary of the great season: “It has been an spectacular year. It was a very difficult task to arrive until the final and we fought until the end. We did a great job and I’m very proud of my players”, Zidane said.

The game started very even but in the second half Los Blancos played much better being superior to the Italian side:” The first half was very equalize. Juventus started the game with a lot of intensity and we didn’t have the ball possession. In the second half we were superior, that’s true. We played as we always do, having the control of the game and being really dangerous for Juventus defense”, the French manger affirmed.

Florentino said after the final that Zidane must continue in Real Madrid for several years: “I’m not going to confirm that I will stay here for all my life, bu I can affirm that I’m very grateful to the club for the opportunity the gave me. I have a year left here and I think I will continue next season. I’m vey happy in this club, it’s part of my life”, Zidane said about his continuity in Real Madrid’s bench.

One of the keys in this year was the great relationship of the players, something very important nowadays in a club:” I don’t know what’s my contribution in the dressing room. I’m part of this team, where the key is that everyone felt important. Then, when you win,everything is easier, that’s true”, Zidane said about te good relationship of his players.

The journalists didn’t doubt about asking to the French manager about his achievements in his short stage as a manager:” All the coaches that have been here before me are great, I am not going to say that I am the best manager in the world, because that’s not true. I can only say that I love football and I am working very hard to kept enjoying this sport”, The French manager confirmed.