15 years with Nacho

15 years with Nacho


Jose Ignacio Fernández Iglesias (Nacho) arrived Real Madrid 15 years ago. After Iker Casillas changed Real Madrid by Porto thhe Spaniard defender has the record of the squad of years in Real Madrid. He arrived Real Madrid with 11 years and now he is a player of the first team.

Nacho is one of those players you want to have in the team. He knows he won´t play too much but every time he plays he show the professionalism of a football player and the enthusiasm of a guy that feels the white colors of the shirt his wears. His behavior and his desire to succeed in Real Madrid made possible this 15 years in the squad.

Every time there´s an injury in the defense, Nacho could replace him. The versatility Nacho has in the defense is incredible. The Spaniard youngster can play in any position of the defense, and every time he has that opportunuty he does a good job. It´s a good example of a player that even though he does´nt play too much every Real Madrid supporter that adores.

This summer there was many rumor of Nacho leaving the squad. Some Italian team wanted Nacho. Everybody thought Nacho was going to leave real Madrid because he did´nt had many minutes but finally Zidane and him came to the conclusion of continue in the team he loves. The French manager wants him in his team and it has been demonstrated that they believe in him.

Nacho had play almost 50 games in league with Real Madrid in first division and almost 15 games in Champions League. He won 2 Champions League, 2 UEFA Super Copa and 1 Copa del Rey. Nacho has a curriculum that every player would like to have. We hope Nacho stays here many years more.