Borja Mayoral: I am happy to live a new stage and a...

Borja Mayoral: I am happy to live a new stage and a new experience


Borja Mayoral is one of the players of Zinedine Zidane that is on loan out of Real Madrid. The Spaniard youngster is now playing in Wolfsburg for the rest of the season. The youngster striker was the substitute of Karim Benzema last year. With the return of Morata, Mayoral had to find a team where he would have more minutes. Real Maadrid thought that the best leauge he could go is the German league. He explained how are his first feelings in the Wolfsburg.

Talking about the adaptation in a new country and new cultures Mayoral said “I am happy to live a new stage and a new experience. It is a bit difficult because it is a different football and I had never left home. My first days here are being hard but with the pass of the time I would feel better”

The journalists also aked him about the new league and the new team. “I think that Germany is a good league. The Bundesleague is ideal for having minutes, add experience and grow as a player. “ Mayoral explained.

Mayoral also explains what he is missing in Spain “The most thing I miss is my environment. I had never left my home, I´ve been always with my parents and my brother and now is different but my brother is living with me now and is all the more enjoyable.”

Wolfsburg has signed this summer a very good striker. The Veteran player Mario Gomez returned to the German League after a few years in Italy and Turkey. Mayoral explains how he can learn of such a good striker as Mario Gomez is “ I’ve been two weeks and I’m very happy with him. It is a great person and also speaks Spanish. I will learn from it. It is a mythical from Germany and football.”

We hope Borja Mayoral learn a lot in Germany and grow as player for a soon return to Real Madrid.