5+ Football Betting Types You Should Try in 2019

5+ Football Betting Types You Should Try in 2019


We are not saying that you should give up on simply predicting the match winner, but did you know you have dozens of other betting options, too? The bookmakers did their best to take your wagering experience to the next level. Let’s take a look at the football betting types you should try this season.

    1. Draw No Bet

You probably played a double chance wager at least once before. A draw no bet is similar to that bet type, but it has the additional benefit of reducing the number of possible outcomes from three to two. The distinctive feature of this bet is that it voids your stake in case a draw occurs in a football match. If you predict the game-winner (1 or 2) and you lose the bet because nobody won the match, the bookie will void your stake and won’t count the wager as lost.

    1. Over / Under

When we watch a football fixture, we usually want to see as many goals as possible, preferably in the net of the opponent. If you are sure that teams will score plenty of goals, you can choose an over bet. On the other hand, if you believe it will be a tight game where squads primarily focus on depending on their goal, you can also play an under bet.

The line is usually placed at 2.5 goals, although you can also find different limits from time to time. If you place an over wager, it means there will be at least three goals in the game. Alternatively, an under bet means teams won’t score more than two goals.

    1. Handicaps

Here is an interesting bet that can increase the odds on a team you choose to win. The operator uses handicaps to make it more challenging to win a bet when betting in a favorite. The most common version of handicap is “-1” which means that the team you play on has to win with two or more goals difference.

    1. HT / FT Bets

If you are looking for a bigger challenge, here is another betting type you should consider. In this wagering option, you need to guess both who will be leading at half time (or will it be a draw) and what will be the outcome. It might take a bit of luck or a lot of skill to guess both outcomes correctly. You can also only choose to bet the outcome of the first half, which can be a great choice if you expect a tight match.

    1. Corners, Yellow Cards, Goal Scorers, Etc.

Some other forms of betting on football matches include guessing the number of corners and yellow cards. As with over / under bets, the bookie will usually set a limit, and it will be up to you to choose whether the number of cards or corners will be below or above that line.

Additionally, you can also choose a particular player to be the scorer in the match. In those cases, you will win the bet only if that player scores. The odds vary depending on his position and form.

Where Can You Place These Bets?

The available betting types might vary from one bookmaker to another. Professional bookie review websites like Betenemy.com did the footwork and analyzed the available sports markets of all the premium operators out there. Reading the reviews will make it easier to decide and pick a site that meets and exceeds your expectations.