Bet for Real Madrid?

Bet for Real Madrid?


Those fans who’ve been loyal to Real Madrid and have placed their bets for the team, have suffered a few losses during the 2018/19 season. Since CR7 left Real to play for the Italian Giants, Madrid has never been the same since. Some analytics say that the biggest reason for Real Madrid’s hiatus was the absence of Zinedine Zidane, but many people still think that the shock move from Cristiano was the defining factor that sent Real to its current downfall. At the end of the day, no player is bigger than the club, even it would’ve seemed like that way with Cristiano Ronaldo. Arguably the the top 2 player the world has ever seen is a big figure wherever he decides to go, but I think it’s time for Real Madrid stop crying after CR7 and start looking what the future holds.

Start of something new

Real Madrid’s biggest relief came in the form of news when the club managed to hire Zidane back to their manager. The former Galactico and French international was appointed as a manager for Real Madrid, second time of his career. He originally left at the same time than Cristiano, after winning multiple trophies during his spell (including back to back Champions League’s) in the spanish giants.

Real Madrid is facing a rebuilding era within the next 3-5 years, probably sooner. There have already been reports that key players such as Marcelo and Kroos would be joining other clubs during the next transfer windows. It’s going to be interesting to see what the Real boss have planned for this glorious club and it’s road back amongst the greatest clubs in the world.

What bets to consider?

What bets should I consider, when Real is playing? Well, it’s up to you but there are certain factors you should weigh in before placing your bet. One of the most popular forms of bets is “Who is going to score in a match”. When placing bets like this, you should always do some homework before accepting your bet. First of all, the starting eleven will be usually published 45 to 60 mins before the kick-off. If you can wait to see the rosters, you could make some changes to your initial plans (if for example your favourite player isn’t playing etc.) if needed. Also, it’s a good idea to try and see who’s the penalty kick taker in the team, as he usually have slightly higher chances of scoring goals than the other players.

Bet with bonuses if possible

If you’re aiming to place bets on matches that Real plays, you should always aim to see if there’s any available bonuses for you. These can be reload bonuses, free campaigns, or even first deposit bonuses. Bonuses are a great way to add some leverage to your bets so keep that in mind. If you’re not sure what bonuses, or what sites to use on your bets for Real Madrid, you can always check that has all the information listed you could ever imagine.