About betting on the most popular football leagues of the world

About betting on the most popular football leagues of the world


As almost all the European football leagues are in full swing now, and the early-season form of the teams have given a fair indication of how they might perform in the rest of the tournament, the football betting markets in all these leagues have also started heating up gradually! Football betting tips services like SBAT are also doing brisk business as their predictions almost always deliver results.

Opening up of the football betting markets

Considering that football fans can bet on their favourite leagues and matches from anywhere in the world today, the demand for these bets has also grown tremendously over the past few years.

Such opening up of the football betting market has also increased the appeal of popular football leagues like Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League and other major European leagues, apart from the new leagues like Australia’s A-League and United States’ MLS.

A major reason why more and more international fans are now actively betting on the European football leagues is because online betting portals are no longer just about bet
placements, instead, they offer detailed stats and analysis, live streaming, match replays and guides to help punters register consistent profits. Regardless of where you are located, you can get exactly the same updated La Liga details as anyone residing in Madrid or Barcelona.

Availability of more bet types

Another area where online football betting has evolved greatly is to do with the types of bets. The bet types offered on the major football leagues have gotten pretty extensive. While at one end you can place straightforward season bets, for example, who’ll score the maximum number of goals, who’ll be the champion, who’ll get relegated etc., you can also indulge in different parlays as well as single bets.

Exotic and prop bets have also increased greatly in popularity. So, you can take a punt on the minute when the first goal would be scored in a match, who’d be ahead at the half time, who’ll score the first goal and so on.

Online casinos cum bookmakers

Another major appeal for more and more football bettors to move to the online platform is that they can also enjoy various online casino games while placing their punts. Furthermore, it’s easy to sync your accounts related to both the activities, and play/bet even while you’re on the move, through a tablet or a smart phone. What more, these online casinos and sports books offer attractive signup bonuses whenever you make your first deposit. In fact, in some cases you can even start betting/playing without any deposit!

For instance, an online entity like Ladbrokes offers a wide range of bets on all major football leagues across the world. Apart from that, they have an amazing online casino too that features a huge range of new-age casino games, including some of the biggest progressive jackpots. You can even play them in the live casino mode, that feels as good as sitting in an actual brick-and-mortar casino!