Ancelotti: Every Coach Should Work at Real Madrid Once in his Life

Ancelotti: Every Coach Should Work at Real Madrid Once in his Life


Carlo Ancelotti left a big impact at Real Madrid. The Italian is now working at Bayern Munich but he has not forgotten Los Blancos and Real Madrid supporters will never forget him. The former Milan manager won the 10th Champions League trophy for Real Madrid and still keep a good relationship with the fans and the players.

Actually, Ancelotti was very criticized for the good relationship he maintained with his footballers. He was accused of being not tough enough with them: “The most important thing is the respect. […] The friendship arrives after, when you’re done working with them. Now I can tell I’m Cristiano’s friend and many more. I’m very fond with the squad I had at Real Madrid. I was very comfortable working with them and that’s why it was a great experience”, Ancelotti said to Diario Marca.

Ancelotti declares himself as “madridista”: “I’m Real Madrid supporter. I like this club, as well as I like Milan. Also PSG or Chelsea. I’m ‘madridista’”. According to Ancelotti, Real Madrid is a different club. He has now trained in Italy, England, France, Spain and Germany, but Los Blancos are different: “You can tell for the history, the tradition, the supporters… There is a big love all around the world to Real Madrid”.

At Real Madrid you have a lot of pressure but there are many positive things: “The experience tells me that every single coach should work at Real Madrid at least once in your life. It’s a huge thing. It’s a wonderful experience, almost unique. What happens at Real Madrid doesn’t happen in any other team. The supporters around the world are amazing. The wait for you in every hotel, airport…”.

Ancelotti left Real Madrid only after two years in charge. Florentino Pérez decided that the Italian wasn’t the correct man for the bench and the president chose Rafael Benítez instead. Ancelotti couldn’t win any title in his last season at Bernabéu: “The ideal time to be in a club is two years. I’d like to be more time, but when a big club needs to win everything it’s not always possible”.

The Italian manager also spoke in Marca about his exit from Real Madrid: “We fought until the end but every club is free to choose what they want at the end of the season. Real Madrid decided to change and they have the right to do it. My farewell is not going to change the way I think about those two years”, Ancelotti said.