Avoiding embarrassment was Real Madrid’s objective

Avoiding embarrassment was Real Madrid’s objective


Since Real Madrid lost to Ajax in the Champions League they have been trying to avoid bringing embarrassment upon themselves.
They had already gone past the not so nice episode but Zinedine Zidane couldn’t take it anymore and he voiced out after the defeat against Rayo Vallecano to see if anyone would take responsibility.

The interesting thing is that, most people who use Betway Nigeria secure betting have been rooting for Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale was left out of the squad for the match against Villarreal and he told the press after the match to interpret it however they liked. Bale used to be an undroppable player but isn’t any longer. Zidane’s ability to take tough decisions will be tested especially if Bale tries to play the victim.

Zidane’s shaking up of the squad led to a passable performance at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu which was probably watched by Betway supporters.

It was a half-full stadium and Real Madrid battled Vallecas and took the lead just two minutes in as Brahim Diaz set up Mariano. Together with Jesus Vallejo, they turned out to be the most encouraging Real Madrid players. Brahim is direct and was able to achieve a connection with the fans at Estadia Santiago.

Vallejo’s emergence came late for him. Many had believed that he was too fragile because of his injury nightmares but he has succeeded in showing that he is capable and that people’s thoughts have nothing to do with how he plays.

Vinicius is another youngster that has made an impact on the game. He provoked excitement in the fans with his warm-up the same way as when he was preparing to make his debut at the Bernabeu. He has already moved one step ahead of Brahim because he was able to form a connection with the spectators and most Betway users.

He was welcomed and his introduction brought a breath of fresh air. Although he made a mistake with his first ball, the crowd was fascinated by how he takes the ball and is always threatening with a sense of making something happen.

The viewers at the Bernabeu celebrated the simple fact that Vinicius goes forward. Once his tactics work for him, he unlocks defences and causes chaos in them causing an applause.

If it doesn’t work, he’s still invited to try again. Whatever is happening to him is the opposite of what is going for Bale at the moment. However, Zidane is protecting the two of them, one for deficiency and the other for excess.