Bale, the New Leader of Real Madrid

Bale, the New Leader of Real Madrid

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale lived a very difficult season last year. He lost his spot in the starting eleven and Zidane put him on the bench after several problems with the injuries. He had to see the most important games of the Champions League from the substitutes bench, with Asensio or Lucas Vázquez ahead of him in the list. Now, his role has completely changed and he has become the only star for the team. Will he answer accordingly?

Bale touched the glory in Kiev. The last games of La Liga were used by Zidane to give some minutes to the players with less minutes during the season and he gave some rest to the starting eleven. Bale started these games and scored 4 goals during May, including a net in El Clásico. Zidane saw him fit and gave him the chance to play the second half in the Champions League final. Bale answered with a stunning volley -perhaps the best goal in the competition history- and another goal from outside the box -we have to thank also Karius. The glory was for Gareth Bale.

Just right after the final whistle, Bale complained for his situation and admitted that he would leave the club if his role doesn’t change. Only two months later, everything is upside down in the club. Cristiano Ronaldo left, letting Bale being the star of the club. The Welshman is now the most important player and everybody looks at him when talking about attacking and goals. Will he be able to replace Cristiano Ronaldo?

For sure, Bale is ready to stand the pressure. He has understood his role during the summer and he has been one of the most important players during the pre-season. Bale has scored three goals during the friendly games -Roma, Juventus and Milan- and gave a great assist to Benzema in the European Supercup. His level has been very high, but we have to ask ourselves if the injuries won’t betray him again.