Bale vs Cristiano. Real Madrid stars face to face in the Euro

Bale vs Cristiano. Real Madrid stars face to face in the Euro


Wales impressive Euro has another chapter for the history. The Welsh team beat Belgium (3-1) in one of the best games in the tournament securing a place in the semifinals. This is Wales’ first Euro and they are just one step ahead of the final.

Before playing in Saint Denis for the trophy, they’ll have to face Portugal, who won against Poland in penalties on Thursday. It’s going to be a Portugal-Wales in the semifinal but also a game between Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo, the two Real Madrid stars.

Gareth Bale is being one of the best players of the tournament. The winger scored three goals in the first three games of the tournament and after he played a decisive role in the team. Against Belgium, Bale couldn’t score but his performance was great to secure a spot in the semifinals.

“It’s going to be Portugal against Wales, nothing else”, said Bale after the game. However, the two Real Madrid stars have a rivalry in the team and will meet in the pitch with a European final in the table.

“We knew what we could give, we had a very clear game plan and we also knew Belgium perfectly from previous matches,” Bale said after the game. “We executed the plan to perfection and definitely deserved the victory”.

“We have learned from the mistakes we made in other matches and we are getting stronger and stronger. We knew that they had plenty of talent and very good individuals, but we have shown what a real team can do. We have to continue with our work and stick to it”, Bale finished. Now they’ll face Portugal in the semifinal with Cristiano Ronaldo as a captain. Who will win, Cristiano or Bale?