Bale will not leave Real Madrid

Bale will not leave Real Madrid


There are many rumors about Bale’s departure after the possible signing of Mbappé in the current transfer market. According to Marca, the Welshman only has in mind one goal, triumph at Real Madrid, despite his performance since his singing was not the expected one because of his injuries. In the preseason he has played quite good, being the reference with Benzema in the attack, proving that he wants to improve his level respect last years.

It’s true that at the beginning of the summer, Zidane had several conversations with Florentino Pérez about Mbappe´s signing, affirming that if finally they incorporate the young French talent, a player from the BBC would have to leave. Nowadays it’s very difficult the possibility of the Welshman departure because neither Real Madrid want to sell him nor Gareth Bale wants to leave the capital of Spain. The winger affirms that his desire is to triumph in the best team of the world, Real Madrid.

Bale renewed his contract last season until 2022 with the aim of having a long career at Madrid.  He seemed very happy with his new contract affirming that : “It’s the contract of my life, I want to retire here”. In fact, nowadays he is the second player with the highest salary of the squad, with almost €17M net annually. This is a galactic contract that does not want to rescind nine months later.

With the rumors about his possible departure with the possible signing of Mabappe’ and the interest of Manchester United, there is only one circumstance that could motivate his departure from the capital of Spain. The circumstance is if Florentino Pérez says him that he must leave the team. The current president has been a great defender of the Welshman these years and it’s quite difficult that he changes that opinion. Now Real Madrid have to choose who they prefer, the signing of Mbappé or the departure of a BBC player.