Bayern Munich Furious with the Referee: We Were Robbed

Bayern Munich Furious with the Referee: We Were Robbed


Bayern Munich players were very happy after the game at Santiago Bernabéu. The German club suffered another European disappointment against a Spanish side and this time they blamed the Hungarian referee Viktor Kassai.

Real Madrid twice, FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid knocked Bayern Munich out of the Champions League in the last four years. The German side is used to arrived to the finals but this time they couldn’t even reach the semifinals and they blamed the referee, who sent Arturo Vidal off and consider valid two goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in possible offside.

“We had thought of everything going into this game – except the referee”, Carlo Ancelotti said in press conference. The former Real Madrid manager started his speech talking about the referee: “You can’t decide a semi-final spot like this. It shouldn’t happen at this level”. “The referee probably wasn’t up to the task”, said the Italian manager.

Arturo Vidal was even harsher with the referee: “This robbery cannot happen in the Champions League. It was pretty clear and we start to doubt a little bit”, the Chilean midfielder said. “We wanted to go through and I’m angry because of the referee deciding a high intensity game. He made a lot of mistakes and he left us out of the Champions League”.

According to some Spanish media, Arturo Vidal, Thiago Alcántara and Robert Lewandowski went into the referee’s changing room to speak with him. They were claiming that Casemiro should have been sent off and Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals were in offside. Besides, they also say that Arturo Vidal’s second yellow card was unfair because he touched the ball.

However, Real Madrid players said that Sergio Ramos own goal was invalid, because Lewandowski was in offside, whereas Arturo Vidal could have been sent off earlier after a foul committed to Casemiro. Besides, the first yellow card could have been a red card, after a tough tackle with Isco Alarcón. Finally, Real Madrid supporters claimed that the penalty committed by Casemiro is doubtful and the one whistled in Munich was unfair.

Even Gerard Piqué wanted to speak about the game and the referee and he tweeted the following from his Twitter account.

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