Zidane: We Deserve to Qualify after Scoring Six Goals

Zidane: We Deserve to Qualify after Scoring Six Goals


Zinedine Zidane was a happy in the press conference after the game against Bayern Munich. His team went through the semifinals of the Champions League again after beating the German side in the extra time with a hat trick scored by Cristiano Ronaldo: “He’s unique. We are happy with him and also Bernabéu’s supporters”, the manager said.

Just few minutes before, Cristiano Ronaldo said that he doesn’t like to be booed by his own supporters: “Perhaps he is not booed anymore, but this is Bernabéu stadium and it can happen from time to time, he knows it. He shows in the pitch what he has inside. There are few players who are there in the key moments and the supporters will thank Cristiano Ronaldo everything he’s done here”, Zidane defended his player.

The French manager also spoke about the game and he wanted to highlight the great performance of Bayern Munich: “It was very level, but at the end we achieved a good and deserved result. We can say we played against the best team. Today’s game was the hardest one, but the victory was deserved. We scored six goals and we are happy and proud of the great effort of my players. We had a cold mind, a lot of chances without scoring, so it’s normal to suffer in these kind of games”.

Bayern Munich players and Carlo Ancelotti criticize a lot the referee: “Referee’s job is difficult, I never talk about them. Their second goal was also in offside […] After scoring six goals, I think we deserve to qualify. With effort, but we deserve it. There is no luck in football, you have to win and we’ve done it”, the manager said proudly.

On Friday we’ll know Real Madrid’s rival for the semifinals: “I don’t know what is going to happen. We played against Bayern and people thought it wasn’t the right moment. If we want to achieve anything, we have to play against everybody, so we’ll see the draw. We are going to fight”.

Finally, it was time to look to El Clásico, who will be played on Sunday. Toni Kroos or Marcelo suffered some problems during the game: “It’s normal they have problems, but we have five days to recover. We are happy with the victory and we are going to recover very quickly. The effort was huge and we are going to rest although some players have problems”.