Can Chicharito Hernández return to Santiago Bernabéu?

Can Chicharito Hernández return to Santiago Bernabéu?


Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández is doing great with his team Bayer Leverkusen. The Mexican striker arrived to the Bundesliga club last year, when he scored 17 goals in the German competition. This year, Chicharito has scored 5 goals so far in Bundesliga and one more in the Champions League fixture against Monaco. Yesterday, he almost scored against Tottenham Hotspur but he found Hugo Lloris espectacular save.

Before Morata’s arrival to Santiago Bernabéu, Real Madrid were looking for a striker who can be used to sit on the bench but can make the difference. Chicharito has proved himself perfect for this both in Real Madrid and Manchester United. However, the Mexican striker didn’t move from Leverkusen and he’s finally enjoying the minutes he deserves.

But Real Madrid have not forgotten the forward. Los Blancos club director Santiago Aguado told Fox Sports that Chicharito might go back in the future to Madrid: “Yes, I’d like to see Chicharito back at Real Madrid as we feel that he is an excellent player”, Aguado said.

Manuel Cerezo, also Real Madrid businessman, agrees with the words of his colleague and he regrets the short time spent in Madrid for the Mexican player “Chicharito needs his time to adapt to the new situation, there is a lack of urgency at Real Madrid and when the opportunity to move to Leverkusen came round it was move he opted for one and it’s great to see him doing well”, he said.

Chicharito Hernández arrived to Madrid on loan from Manchester United in 2014. With Carlo Ancelotti on the bench, the Mexican didn’t have many opportunities and he only played 7 games in the starting line up in La Liga, scoring 7 goals. He participated in 23 games in La Liga but always at the end of the matches. However, his most important goal arrived in the Champions League quarter final round against Atlético de Madrid. He scored the key goal in the draw, giving Real Madrid the opportunity to play another semi finals.