Carlo Ancelotti: Jeers are normal

Carlo Ancelotti: Jeers are normal


Real Madrid fans jeered several players at Los Blancos 2-0 victory against Deportivo de La Coruna and Carlo Ancelotti said at the press conference “this is something normal after a 4-0 loss in a derby.”

“It is frustrating to lose 4-0 in a derby against Atletico Madrid, but the fans have always been supportive, even in difficult moments, and players are thankful for that,” Ancelotti added.

The jeers were mostly directed to Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo. Asked about the goalkeeper, Carletto was conciliatory: “I respect the fans when they jeer, but after his great game he turned the booing into applause.”

The Italian manager admitted his team “played only partly well.” “It’s been a difficult and complicated week and I believe we have earned a good victory to get back on track. We struggled at the start, but in the end we succeeded,” he explained.

Asked about the poor performance of the midfielders, Ancelotti confessed they “made a mistake, because the three midfielders played too close to each other and we have struggled in transitions.”

Ancelotti also commented on Lucas Silva’s official debut for Los Blancos: “He’s improving his fitness and I think he’s ready to become a starter. We’ll see on Wednesday in the Champions League.”


  1. I think the 4 3 3 system is not working with the kind of players we have in the midfield. There is no pressure, they are always late few seconds on the ball. Is there a reason why the players in the team always avoid contact and just escort their opponents?