Carlo Ancelotti: We knew we would lose sooner or later

Carlo Ancelotti: We knew we would lose sooner or later


Carlo Ancelotti believes Real Madrid’s defeat against Valencia after 22 consecutive victories in official games will not affect the team.

“The loss comes after 22 straigh wins. We knew it would happen sooner or later. We did well before the defeat, and we will continue doing well,” the Italian manager said at the press conference after the match.

“Valencia is a strong side. We played well, but we lost. We have to congratulate Valencia, but now we have to focus on the next game. We will line-up the best possible team against Atletico Madrid,” Ancelotti explained.

“This defeat is not going to affect us. It had to happen, and now we look ahead because the season is long and we are well positioned in La Liga,” he added.

Speaking in depth about the keys of the match, Ancelotti claims there was “a crucial moment when we could have scored the second goal, but we didn’t. You can’t always be so efficient. We had our chances, and we deserved to draw.”

Los Blancos boss didn’t want to comment the controversial plays of the game: “The referee did a good job, and it wasn’t easy. He had a lot of pressure from the home crowd, and there was lots of kicking.”


  1. lots of Kicking was Criminal 6 yellow cards for them and out come the Bale Haters Blame it all on Bale Madness ! Get over it we lost and move on Barcelona Lost we have a Game in Hand not the end of the World ! get behind the Team and stop the Blame Game ! nobody likes to lose
    Carlos Tried a late a shuffle I wouldn’t have changed Bale he gets Better more aggressive going for Goal as the clock ticks down BBC are the Best attackers in the World
    Iker got Caught again with a Corner set piece Header just bad luck Pepe rebound Goal was unstoppable