Carlo Ancelotti: This was our worst game

Carlo Ancelotti: This was our worst game


Carlo Ancelotti admitted Real Madrid played their “worst game since I arrived” in their 4-0 defeat against city rivals Atletico Madrid.

“I have to take responsibility for the loss. It’s been our worst game since I arrived at the club. We have to keep our minds cold and change our attitude. We’re still at the top of the table, but our match was bad, very bad,” he said at the press conference.

The Italian manager believes “Atletico deserved to win.” “They began the game stronger in the fight, better organised, winning second balls… We’re hurt for this loss and we will have to change so it doesn’t happen again in the future,” he added.

Asked about the players’ performance, Ancelotti said “they all failed.” “We always arrived late, lost all air balls… Not a single player has played well,” he confessed.

“I’m not going to forget this game because we’re going to learn from these mistakes. Everyone has to take his responsibility and the coach has to be the first.”

“We haven’t exerted a good pressure, we haven’t controlled possession, we haven’t counter-attacked… We didn’t even have chances to score. We had nothing,” the Italian concluded.


  1. I’m glad to see that the boss has noticed my remarks. Hopefully my critics will be helpful for the upcoming matches. From what i saw on the pitch, i concluded that no preparation (psychological, physical, technical and tactical) was made for a game of this magnitude. They played like this was their last game of the season. What a shame!!! It’s not the defeat that hurts so much, it’s the way they played the recent matches…

  2. Why No Brazilian ? Fresh Legs and Ideas Might have Motivated the Dead Headed No Mojo Players and Throw on the Young Viking Magic Boy might have enough Mojo ? The Talent is there its just not sparkling onto the Pitch . Look at the Videos BBC had no Balls and when they did swamped with Defenders The Defense since the loss in Dubai has lost imagination without Marcelo Why not Rotation of Goal Keepers ? Atletico knows Every move Real had in their Tanks Zilch! No Mojo You cant score without the Ball and if the Team players Cannot Hold on to The Ball Heads have to Think Why whats Wrong ! No Mojo
    No Spark of Enthusiasm Heads Down Before the Start that’s why we needed a New spring into the Game ! the old guard to predicable! Hala Madrid !!

  3. stop saying rubbishes ancelotti, you have to buy good players Like pogba, marco reus, hazard, da dea man united goalkeeper, jerome boateng and david luiz sign this next summer.

  4. Ancelotti why is that a rumours come that we need same players and came to dismiss the rumours, meanwhile we need this players at Madrid too. stop doing all this because if you behave you Paid for it, we need good players at Madrid