Celta de Vigo v Real Madrid might be postponed because of the...

Celta de Vigo v Real Madrid might be postponed because of the weather


Celta de Vigo v Real Madrid had to play tomorrow the match at Baláidos, but it might be postponed by security reasons related with the weather in the north of Spain. The cover of the stadium is very damaged and because of this reason the game might be suspended.

Just a few hours after announcing that the game was postponed the Deportivo de la Coruña v Betis match of La Liga by the damage caused at Riazor, Vigo’s mayor said that the match should be postponed because Celta stadium is also very damaged and the major thing is the supporters and players security: “I have already spoken with Celta’s President. This evening the storm was very bad, and it damaged the cover of the stadium. The firefighters cannot fix it yet and the field is not in conditions. The most important thing is people’s security and under these conditions the game cannot be played tomorrow”, Vigo’s Mayor affirmed about tomorrow’s match at Balaídos.

Despite the announcement given by the Vigo’s mayor, La Liga has not made the official suspension of the match yet. If the game is finally postponed, it will be the second in this weekend. We must remember that Real Madrid have already postponed a match that was against Valencia, because Los Blancos had to play the FIFA Club World Cup at Japan. The match against Valencia will be played next 22nd of February.

Celta v Real Madrid can’t be played until 17th of May if both clubs reach their European finals. If Celta de Vigo are knocked out of the Europe League by Shakhtar, the first option to play the match would be 14th or 15th of March. If both, Real Madrid and Celta, are knocked out, the game could be played on 11th or 12th of April and if they are knocked out in the quarter finals the match could be played on the 2nd or 3rd of May.