CONFIDENTIAL: Cristiano Ronaldo forbidden to fly to Morocco

CONFIDENTIAL: Cristiano Ronaldo forbidden to fly to Morocco


Real Madrid have allegedly forbidden Cristiano Ronaldo to keep travelling several times a week to Morocco to visit his friend Badr Hari, Spanish newspaper El Espanol has revealed.

Journalist Pilar Vidal has claimed the club directors are not happy with the Portuguese’s performances this season, and they believe his trips to Morocco have a lot to do with it.

Apparently, Ronaldo’s private jet flight records show several journeys to the African country. The Portugal international would depart Madrid early in the afternoon and return at night several times a week.

Florentino Perez believes these trips are hurting the player’s reputation. Some newspapers had claimed the Ronaldo is in a gay relationship with Hari, a famous kickboxer.

The Los Blancos president has a very good relationship with King Mohamed VI of Morocco, and he has reportedly asked Moroccan authorities to keep him informed of Ronaldo’s trips. Should he visit this country again, Perez would take matters into his own hands.

Real directors are also afraid the footballer’s market value could go down, and they don’t want to lose any money should they decide to sell Ronaldo next summer.

British newspapers have recently reported Ronaldo’s visits to Hari could be just a cover to hide a relationship between the Portuguese and model Melanie Martins.


  1. In this one Perez decision makes absolute sense, he needs to concentrate on his game if he wants to keep playing at the highest level, it makes no sense flying over there, if he’s lonely he should find a girl or spend time with his family, I don’t know why he’s making these trips and don’t want to jump the conclusion of saying what many are saying, he’s a very lovable kid that every woman would desire, he shouldn’t fuck up and allow the stupidity of this world to destroy him.

  2. Comment:I think Perez is right….messi is out there scoring goals, he shud continue thinking about his career…..we want to see him beat messi to the ballon d’or title race(5-4)