Is Cristiano Ronaldo gay?

Is Cristiano Ronaldo gay?


British tabloid The Sun has recently claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo is in a gay relationship with Moroccan kickboxer Badr Hari.

The Sun quoted journalist Daniel Riolo, who said at a French television show that the Real Madrid start “takes three or four jets a week to see a friend in Morocco to cuddle.”

The Portugal international shared a series of pictures a few days ago, on a holiday he took with his Moroccan friend. In one of them, Hari is lifting Ronaldo in his arms and the comment shared with the picture was: “Just married. Always there to pick you up, bro.”

The Sun aims to reinforce their theory by claiming that Ronaldo has had cosmetic surgery on his nose, as if that was another proof of him being homosexual.

This is not the first time Ronaldo is labelled as “gay.” Back in 2013, super star Rihanna also hinted that the Portuguese is homosexual. Asked about the rumours of a relationship between her and Ronaldo, the singer simply replied: “I have many gay friends and I support sexual diversity.”

Is Ronaldo really homosexual?

Is there really any proof that Cristiano Ronaldo is gay? The truth is there are no solid facts that support this sensationalistic theory. The Portuguese footballer has always dated women, and he has behaved with his male friends as any other man would.

The fact that he shaves his chest, takes good care of his skin and likes to dress smart doesn’t make him a homosexual.

So, it doesn’t seem like Ronaldo is gay, but the important question here is: Does it matter? Journalists and fans should be more interested in what the players do on the pitch. Certainly football would benefit from more gay players having the courage to come out of the closet, but that’s their own decision to make.


  1. Laura, ¿qué importa si Ronaldo es gay? Él es un gran padre y adora a su hijo y quiere que su hijo. él es un profesional increíble. Si él es gay espero que encuentre a un hombre para que puede ser feliz. Tambien por cierto creo que eres hermosa.