Cristiano, sixth straight season scoring 50+ goals

Cristiano, sixth straight season scoring 50+ goals


Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo’s two goals against Deportivo moved him to overcome the 50 goal milestone mark for the sixth straight season. This season he has scored 35 goals in La Liga and 16 in the Champions League.

Since Cristiano arrived at Real Madrid, he has turned into a goal machine. 54 (2010-11), 60 (2011-12), 55 (2012-13), 51 (2013-14) and 61 (2014-15) are the amount of goals he scored in the last five years. The only season he didn’t surpass the 50 goal mark was in 2009-10, his first year as Real Madrid player.

In the other hand, Barcelona striker Leo Messi scored more than 50 goals three years in a row, from 2010-11 until 2012-13. And this season he scored 41 goals.

However, in these seven years, Cristiano only won one Liga title, whereas Messi has won five. It’s a pity that so many goals weren’t a tool to win more leagues.


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    As a madrista what a shameful things is this since the arrival of cr7 to bernabeu it also six years and winning a single laliga trophy my own relief in this is we have a beautiful final in Milan and we win it.