Dani Alves: Last time Real Madrid Won with a Goal in Offside

Dani Alves: Last time Real Madrid Won with a Goal in Offside


Massimiliano Allegri, Daniel Alves and Gigi Buffon spoke in press conference before the last training session at the Millennium Stadium of Cardiff. Juventus are getting ready for the final and they don’t want to think about losing again, as they did two years ago at Berlin against FC Barcelona.

One of the greatest rivalries in the game would be Dani Alves-Marcelo, two Brazilian defenders who love to attack: “This final is very especial for me because I can be with great players. Everybody wants to play this game and we are privileges ones. We have to enjoy the moment and try to turn the most especial evening”.

The Brazilian defender also wanted to speak about the last final played between Juventus and Real Madrid. Besides, Alves is the player who has been able to beat more times Real Madrid: “They will be scared, won’t they? They will be more careful and they won’t say they are so favourites…. People say they won the last Champions League with a goal in offside. We are try to play with fear to Real Madrid”.

The captain Gigi Buffon also spoke in press conference in one of his last games in his career. The goalkeeper wants to lift the Champions League trophy for the first time in his career: “It will be the perfect end for my career. People like to be sentimental about this”:

The manager, Massimiliano Allegri, wanted to give some keys about how to win the trophy: “We have to be convinced that we are going to bring the cup home. We have to be more convinced and sacrifice ourselves more”.

The coach defended Gonzalo Higuaín’s performance: “Higuaín doesn’t need to show anything, he’s an excellent player. I’m sure he will play a great game”. Allegri was also asked about Dybala: “Dybala has grown a lot as a player. He has a lot of personality. I don’t think he will be affected by the pressure. I heard we lost a lot of finals. Tomorrow is the final and we don’t have to think about what happened 50 years ago. We only need a bit of luck. We are convinced that we can win, always with humility”.

Finally, the manager spoke about the different feelings with the final at Berlin: “In 2015 we weren’t so convinced. This year is different. Our approach to the games is different. We’ve grown a lot”, he finished.