Zidane: If I’d have played with Cristiano Ronaldo, he’d have been the...

Zidane: If I’d have played with Cristiano Ronaldo, he’d have been the Star


Zinedine Zidane spoke at press conference the day before a the great Champions League Final at Cardiff against Juventus. The French manager highlighted the clash against the Italian side, Cristiano Ronaldo’s importance, who will be in the line up if Bale or Isco and other important topics.

Zidane started the press conference talking about the second Champions League final they will play in a row:” We are ready for the final because we have worked very hard to arrive here. We are in a great moment but for sure it will be a very tough game. I do not think Juventus will only defend, they have many virtues. We know we play against a great team who attacks very well and that has very good offensive players.”, Zidane said about their final opponent.

The French manager must let six players out of the list and he looked like he was a bit worried about the decision he must take :”That’s a very good question. It’s very difficult to take such a tough decision because there are six players who are not going to dress. It’s part of my job and I will do it with all my conscience, but I can affirm you that we are all in the same boat.” Zidane explained.

The medias asked Zidane how important is Cristiano in the team:” He is a very good person because he knows hot to care his teammates. He has something that makes him a great leader. In fact, if I’d have played with Cristiano Ronaldo, he’d have been the star, because he is the one who scores the goals”, Zidane said about Cristiano’s importance.

One of the big doubts in Zidane’s line up is who we play Isco or Bale, but he didn’t want to give any clue about this topic: “I’m not going to tell you who’s going to play. They are two players who can play together. When I see the player I have, I know that everyone is ready to play. What interests me is that we are all fit and that’s very important in these type of clash”.