Danilo: Neymar Called to Convince Me to Sign with FC Barcelona

Danilo: Neymar Called to Convince Me to Sign with FC Barcelona


Danilo arrived to Real Madrid two seasons ago and he has still to show his best level in the club. However, the right-back has improved in the last games of the season and he’s looking forward to staying in the team and train with Zinedine Zidane. The Brazilian defender spoke with the TV Channel SportTV about these two years in the Spanish capital.

The defender is still amazed with Zinedine Zidane: “Now I’m use to it but sometimes I stopped and think that Zidane is my coach, a great thing because every day he has something to teach me and not about study or theory but experience, life experience”.

According to the Brazilian player, the difference between Zidane and Benítez is huge: “You cannot compare, even because of the titles…”. “For instance, at Santos one of my coaches was Muricy Ramalho, who could get the best out of me and he was a player and understand the footballers. This makes the confidence and the team to grow”.

Danilo also explained the key facts about Zidane’s training sessions: “He teaches us what we have to do in the practice and he does it well. Several times he plays the games and when he fails he gets nervous. He has this player spirit”.

Finally, Danilo spoke about why Zidane is so important for him: “He admires a lot the Brazilian players, for our quality, because we can make different things. I don’t say this just for the day-to-day but he feels general admiration for Brazilian football. This is a exchange of affection very good”.

Danilo also explained how he signed for Los Blancos: “When the offers arrived I knew I had the Real Madrid one and I didn’t want to hear about any other club, I wanted to go to Real Madrid”. The defender was tempted by Neymar: “He told me: ‘Come here’. But he respected me because he knew it was a personal decision, about feelings. In the moment Real Madrid show up, I didn’t hesitate”.

After two difficult seasons, Danilo this it is the right moment to “shine”: “In these two seasons I had to face challenges, difficulties that I hadn’t lived before and I could overcome them”.

One of these difficulties is the pressure with the media: “One step wrong, even if it’s very little, and it gets viral. A mistake gets very big even if it’s small.