Who is the Fastest Player at Real Madrid?

Who is the Fastest Player at Real Madrid?


The question seems very easy to answer at the first glimpse. Gareth Bale, also called the “Wales Expresso”, because of his speed seemed unstoppable when the Welshman is on the run. We can tell by the amazing run in the Copa del Rey final with Marc Bartra, the former Barcelona defender. However, there are a lot of surprises in the stats.

The Spanish newspaper MARCA has made a list with the fastest players in Real Madrid squad with the data given by La Liga. This data takes in consideration the fastest peak not the average speed. However, there are a lot of surprises.

The fastest man at Santiago Bernabéu is Nacho Fernández. The defender is doing a great season and he’s able to replace Marcelo, Varane or Sergio Ramos successfully. Besides, he’s in a great physical moment, as it’s showed in this list. He’s also been called by the Spanish national team and now he can be also proud of himself of being the fastest man in the squad.

Surprisingly, the second one is Mateo Kovacic. The Croatian midfielder is shining in the midfield and he has scored important goals, like the one against Real Sociedad. He doesn’t have many opportunities but he’s doing great whenever he has the chance. The third one in this list is Álvaro Morata, who has found the net several times in La Liga and fight a lot in every single game.

In the fourth position we can see Gareth Bale, with a maximum speed of 34,3 km/h. Perhaps, all the physical problems suffered by the Welshman are affecting his performance and also his speed. There are no surprises with the slowest footballer in the squad though. It’s Fabio Coentrao, with 29,2 km/h.

This is the full list:

Name Speed
1. Nacho 34,62 km/h
2. Mateo Kovacic 34,59 km/h
3. Álvaro Morata 34,33 km/h
4. Gareth Bale 34,3 km/h
5. Dani Carvajal 34,1 km/h
6. Raphael Varane 34,04 km/h
7. Mariano 33,84 km/h
8. Danilo 33,69 km/h
9. Cristiano Ronaldo 33,6 km/h
10. Marcelo 33,38 km/h
11. Lucas Vázquez 33,16 km/h
12. Marco Asensio 32,95 km/h
13. Pepe 32,72 km/h
14. Casemiro 32,51 km/h
15. Sergio Ramos 32,11 km/h
16. James Rodríguez 31,89 km/h
17. Isco 31,85 km/h
18. Luka Modric 31,64 km/h
19. Karim Benzema 31,59 km/h
20. Toni Kroos 31,34 km/h
21. Fabio Coentrao 29,2 km/h


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