Florentino Pérez Renews as Real Madrid President

Florentino Pérez Renews as Real Madrid President

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The candidates who wanted to present their project to lead Real Madrid had until yesterday at 00:00, according to what the electoral board established some days ago. No one dared to present their candidacy to fight with Florentino Pérez to become the new president of the club. Therefore, Pérez starts today his fifth period as Real Madrid president.

Real Madrid membership cards holder’s don’t vote since 2006, when Ramón Calderón was elected. Some time later, Calderón resigned and Florentino took over in 2009 when he was the only person to present the candidacy in the elections of that very same years. Since then, Florentino Pérez has had no rivalry in the presidency. Pérez was also president from 2000 to 2006, when he resigned after the bad results for the team known as “Galácticos”.

Florentino Pérez is now living his best period as president. The club has won back-to-back Champions League titles and there is a social peace in all the statements. Besides, everybody agrees that Zinedine Zidane should lead the project, so he is the right person to be the manager. It was very controversial the decision Pérez took of removing Carlo Ancelotti from the bench and hire Rafa Benítez. Only six months later, he rectified and chose Zidane as the manager.

Now, Florentino Pérez has to design a new plan for the next season. Now it will be even tougher because Los Blancos have a winning project and they only need to touch a few things. Pérez has also to speak with Cristiano Ronaldo and convince him to stay in the club or sell him for a lot of money to one of the giants of Europe.

We can be certain that Florentino Pérez era is not over. The president will be in the charge another four years and no Real Madrid fan can imagine now the club with other president. What will happen in the future? Only Florentino Pérez knows but the replacement in the presidency is not going to happen in the short-term.