Florentino Pérez Warns Manchester United: We’re Not a Selling Club

Florentino Pérez Warns Manchester United: We’re Not a Selling Club


Real Madrid boss doesn’t want to sell any player in the summer transfer window and he hopes that Cristiano Ronaldo could reconsider his position after the Confederations Cup. Florentino Pérez spoke about the transfer market and the players that could come to Madrid, for instance Kylian Mbappé.

Florentino Pérez is confident that Cristiano Ronaldo could stay with Los Blancos one season more because they are happy with him: “Cristiano has contract with Real Madrid and we’re pleased with him. We know that he said to a colleague in the national team that he was bothered and he wanted to leave. I didn’t speak with him or give this issue a lot of importance. We just have to wait. He is angry for sure, because he is an honest person and he accomplishes with his duties. There are a lot of people that want to hurt him, but I’m convinced he’ll stay”.

It won’t be that easy for Álvaro Morata because many clubs want to sign him, including Manchester United. Actually, the Red Devils are favourites to sign the Spaniard in many bookmakers like netbet.co.uk: “I think there are no negotiations with United and it’s not true there is an agreement. June is not over and until 31st of August we have plenty of time. We’ll do the best, but Real Madrid is not a selling club”.

What it’s pretty sure is that Zinedine Zidane will continue as Real Madrid manager: “He continues for sure and the first thing we’re going to do is renewing his contract. No one knows the club and the dressing room better than him”, Florentino said in an interview with the radiostation esRadio.

About the transfer window, Kylian Mbappé is the main option: “We shouldn’t forget what happened with Pogba. People also said we had to sign him. Mbappé is very young and a great player. I like all the good players, but the squad has 24 players and only 11 play. There were a lot of players I liked and they didn’t have space”.

Besides, Florentino admits that Zidane has something special with this player: “Zidane is close to the player since some years ago because he followed him, like it happened with Varane. But few footballers play at Real Madrid being 18 years old. We have to be patients. If we bring Mbappé, who leaves?”, Florentino Pérez asked.

The president also spoke about Theo Hernández, Ceballos and Sandro, some youngsters that are highlighting in the European Championship Under 21: “We are speaking with Atlético about Theo and we hope to reach an agreement very soon. Ceballos? We have a sports strategy focused on youngsters, although not all end up playing here”.


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