Tottenham Hotspur Set a Galáctico Price for Harry Kane

Tottenham Hotspur Set a Galáctico Price for Harry Kane


No one doubts that Harry Kane is the best striker of the Premier League. The Tottenham forward finished another great season as the topscorer of the competition despite his injuries during the year. Now, Tottenham Hotspur has set a really high price for his best player: £200M. Who will dare to sign him?

Harry Kane scored last season 29 goals, after finding the net 8 times during the last three games. He overtook Romelu Lukaku in the first position of the topscorer table. In the last three seasons, Kane scored 75 goals only in the Premier League, becoming the best English striker and leading the national team.

For this reason, many clubs showed his interest in the player, among them Real Madrid. However, Los Blancos have lost their interest in the British striker and now they are focused on Kylian Mbappé. This high price doesn’t encourage them to try to tie him either, but there are other clubs that wanted to sign Kane.

Manchester United was the team with more odds to bring Kane out of London. The Red Devils are looking for a striker into the market and their first option is Álvaro Morata. Real Madrid set a price of €80M to the Spaniard, so he’s much cheaper than Harry Kane, according to the information published at The Independent.

Tottenham Hotspur want to build an ambitious project for the next years and they don’t want to lose Kane or Ali, their two best players. Daniel Levy, Spurs chairman, is a tough negotiator and Florentino Pérez knows very well after the agreements for Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. The Spurs will play this season at Wembley because they are building a new White Hart Lane. With the new stadium, Kane, Delle Ali and Mauricio Pochettino as the boss, the Spurs hope to become one of the best teams in Europe. For this reason, Kane is not on sale, for Real Madrid or for Manchester United.


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