Florentino Pérez : Zidane was a success, we signed him and he...

Florentino Pérez : Zidane was a success, we signed him and he changed everything


Florentino Pérez spoke in the assembly with the season ticket holders -“socios”- where he explained many important issues of Real Madrid. He highlighted the FIFA sanction, the signing of Zinedine Zidane as player and as manager, about the director of football and how huge Real Madrid is.

Florentino started talking about the director of football, a figure that Real Madrid don’t have in these moments: “We do not need a director of football because the journalists say it. Real Madrid need the best players of the world and we don’t need a director of football for that. We didn’t have a director of football since Jorge Valdano left Madrid and the final decision is made by the person who pays and not the director of football”, Florentino said about the director of football.

When Florentino started to be the president of Real Madrid, the journalists treated him as revolutionary of football because of his millionaire signings: “When I began in football I wanted to sign Zidane, and many people told me that I didn’t know of football because with that amount of money we could signed 5 players rather than one, but I prefer paying a lot for a very good player instead of five players of lower quality. Now he is the manager of our team and I can say that was a success, since we signed him he changed everything”, Florentino affirmed that he was not a revolutionary.

Real Madrid president also talked about the FIFA sanction they received prohibiting to sign any player until January 2018: “We have appealed the sanction and we hope that before January 1st they give us an answer. There’s a clubs who have this sanction and there is someone in the FIFA that thinks there must be homogeneity”, Florentino explained about the sanction of the FIFA.

Florentino finished talking about Real Madrid greatness at clubs level: “We don’t need to show the flag of Spain to say we are Real Madrid and Spanish. We are a universal club that has fans around all the world, not only in our city and our country. Real Madrid is open to everyone”, Real Madrid’s President said.