Can Real Madrid steal Chelsea’s GoalKeeper Thibaut Courtois?

Can Real Madrid steal Chelsea’s GoalKeeper Thibaut Courtois?


Thibaut Courtois is one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. When he won La Liga trophy with Atlético de Madrid, most of the European teams wanted to sign him. The Belgian goalkeeper was then playing on loan in Atlético de Madrid from Chelsea, but The Blues had Petr Cech at that time. So there was an option to sign him and Real Madrid were interested. According to some information, Los Blancos haven’t forgotten him.

Courtois said recently in an interview in the British newspaper The Times: “When I left Spain, I knew I was going to come back there”. These words opened some rumours about the future of the young goalkeeper. Courtois is not showing the same skills at Chelsea and he might be frustrated for the recent performance of the blues, failing to qualify to any European competition last year. The start of the season is not satisfactory either, so perhaps he can think in changing team and, according to, Real Madrid can be his next destiny.

After these words, Chelsea supporters were not happy at all and he had to calm them down: “I can understand the shock of Chelsea supporters, but I only wanted to say that I want to go back to Spain some day, but it can be also after my career. I’m happy at Chelsea. For how long? We’ll see, but now I want to win titles with this club”, Courtois finished.

Courtois went back to London in 2014 after three years on loan at Atlético de Madrid, where he won La Liga in the last game at Nou Camp. In his first season at Stamford Bridge, with Mourinho on the bench, Courtois also won the Premier League and played 32 games. However, in the next season, he only played 23 games in the Premier League because he suffered a serious knee injury in a disappointed season for the blues.

Zinedine Zidane is now happy with his two goalkeepers: Keylor Navas and Kiko Casilla. However, the club should think about the future and there are several goalkeepers that might match Los Blancos interest. For instance, Florentino Pérez has not forgotten David de Gea and recently Gianluigi Donnarumma, the young Milan goalie, has also been linked with Los Blancos.