For Real Madrid, Haaland would be better than Mbappe

For Real Madrid, Haaland would be better than Mbappe

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Real Madrid is on its quest to strengthen its attack before the start of the next season. They have two Galacticos they would love to bring on board. That’s Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. According to some sources, Madridistas cannot afford to sign both players, which got us wondering, if they decide to go with one, who would it be? Haaland or Mbappe? 

The club should be grateful if they manage to secure one of these players during these challenging times. Madrid fans would want the team to sign both players, but since they cannot afford it, there can only be one, and we think Haaland would be better than Mbappe. Meanwhile, have you checked Betway lately? They have the best odds than any other betting site.

Florentino Perez has a tough choice to make, and since they can only afford one player, in my opinion, Haaland would be a better fit. Mbappe is a great footballer. He scores, dribbles past players, and leaves them spinning their heads in confusion. He’s already an international sensation, but Real Madrid needs more than than a popular player. Mbappe practically misses some matches, and tactically, he’s not a good defender. He’s greater than Haaland but inconsistent. Mbappe also goes solo more often and is disconnected from a match than his teammates. 

Haaland is an all-area player. His commitment is higher than Mbappe’s. He’s either defending at corners, running to and fro, and always active with the team. He’s also an offensive player, which Madrid needs so badly. Every long ball shot from the defensive side will have Haaland fight for it with all his prowess, thus creating danger for the opponent. 

Both of the players are superstars, that’s for sure, but Real Madrid deserves a player that will help the team rank up the table. At least fans can bet on the team with high hopes. We recommend soccer betting at Betway. Haaland would fit more because he is ambitious. His character manifests itself in each match he participates in. For him, all games have been meaningful, and that’s what the Real Madrid fraternity wants. Maybe the club might decide to take both of them, but it would be Haaland if I were to pick one. 

Some Argue we Should Not Compare the Two Players

According to The Real Champs, the nauseating topic of who’s the G.O.A.T between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is coming back, only that this time it’s comparing Haaland and Mbappe. Both stars are generational talents worth enjoying, appreciating, praising, and discussing their own unique capabilities on the pitch. A Real Madrid fan would want the club to sign up both. 

Jorge Valdano, a former player, coach, and general manager of Real Madrid, urged the club to sign Haaland ahead of Mbappe. Speaking to Onda Cero, Valdano said that he would sign Haaland before Mbappe because he moves in small and large spaces and scores regularly. He added that he identified Mbappe as a star, but Haaland was more impressive, and he scores goals of all types. 

So, will it be Haaland or Mbappe? Mbappe seems to be the most anticipated to join the club, but we can only wait and see.