Who from Real Madrid FC Likes to Play Poker?

Who from Real Madrid FC Likes to Play Poker?

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Football players often find retiring from the game challenging. Keeping themselves occupied in the career through coaching and punditry is often the way to go. However, some decide to play poker as an option. Footballers who like to play poker have often made it a separate career. In this article, our guest expert Chris Haagensen helps us list Real Madrid FC players who also like to play poker. You can view his profile here.

Many of these football players have gone into a career in poker with nothing more than a passion for the game. For many, they started online or in small public venues. You too can start a journey of poker playing on Bettingsider, a place to play in the digital age. With social distancing becoming a necessity, take your poker game wherever you want with this convenient site that lists online betting sites.

Gianluigi Buffon: Passion Poker Makes Big Waves

Known as one of the best goalkeepers in history, Gianluigi Buffon not only started a poker career from scratch but started it almost exclusively online. The Italian would play poker in online poker rooms, rising in the ranks to become one of the best known professional poker players in his medium.

While he also played in many momentous games face-to-face, his mainstay was in the online field. Now he retreats to the tables of many greats, participating in leading casinos around the world in his new career. His match schedule is not the only thing keeping him busy; he enjoys an active lifestyle that keeps him moving from day-to-day. Arguably, some of his fans would say that his poker career is more busy and bustling than his previous one in football.

Thomas Gravesen: Poker Saves the Day

Thomas Gravesen drove Everton into a revival under David Moyes, causing a fourth-place finish in 2004 and 2005. He made just over 140 appearances for Toffees, moved again to Celtics, and eventually retired in 2009. 

What then? Did he simply sit on his funds and hope that retirement would go well? No. Today, he’s making a fortune as one of many professional poker players.  Poker changed Gavesen’s life for the better. 

Ronaldo Nazário: Striker Turned PokerStar

Ronaldo Nazário is known as one of the greatest strikers in the history of the sport he dominated in. The former footballer from Real Madrid was always a fan of professional poker players and eventually became one himself. His passion evolved into a successful poker career. Now he plays in several styles, and conservatively in tournaments. 

Nazário is now known as “The Phenomenon.” He became a popular face of PokerStars for many years. He even produced the best result in the 2015 PCA, where he finished 26th out of 800 players. His passion that has been cultivating over the years has skyrocketed into a career that may even rival his previous one in football. A self-proclaimed adrenaline addict, Nazário has always said the adrenaline of poker has enticed him to keep playing.

Nazário’s poker career is characterized by his passion for the game. Even in games where high stakes are evident, Nazário quite notably enjoys every game he participates in. His varying styles and patient gameplay always make both watching and participating in his game an enjoyable activity. 

A Side Career That’s Fun: Who Could Ask for More?

Online poker as a hobby could turn into a career, especially in this day and age. Why not take your interests to the next level and take a chance today? It could very well change your life.