Four Real Madrid players who raised their value this season

Four Real Madrid players who raised their value this season


Real Madrid players have a black and white season in 2015/16. Luckily, everything ended up in the Champions League trophy but it was a tough season for all the players. Some of them arrived last July with a big question mark about his performance but showed they are able to wear the Real Madrid t-shirt and win titles for the club.

Keylor Navas

The goalkeeper is the most difficult position in the pitch. And Keylor Navas has the challenge to replace Iker Casillas, a myth for a lot of fans. We could early know that the Costa Rican was the right person for the position. He saved a lot of points in the very first games and was the best players in the pitch.

He had to get over a difficult situation this summer when Real Madrid wanted to exchange Keylor Navas and David de Gea. This situation didn’t affect the goalie and he was one of the best man in the Champions League competition.

Lucas Vázquez

The youngster arrived to Real Madrid after a season on loan in Espanyol. He played a lot of games early in the season and had all Benítez’s confidence. However, when the Spaniard was sacked it seemed that Vázquez won’t have the same chances with Zidane.

We were wrong. The 24-year-old started playing again and was even in the line up for the first leg in the Champions League semifinal against Manchester City. He ended up playing 25 games in la Liga, scoring 4 goals in this competition and even scoring a penalty kick in the Champions League final. He’s playing the Euro with Spain. Better, impossible.


Casemiro came back from a loan as well as Lucas Vázquez. The Brazilian had more experience as he played in Porto the Champions League last season. In Benítez’s squad he had a key player as a stopper despite being left aside in El Clásico lost 0-4 at home.

With Zidane’s arrival, Casemiro didn’t play a lot at the very beginning. The French coach wanted a more offensive team but he changed his mind and always include Casemiro in the starting eleven. He was one of the best players in the Champions League final against Atlético.


Carvajal performance was not a surprise. The right back played a great season with Ancelotti but this year had even more competitors for this position. Real Madrid signed in summer Danilo to play in the defence but it turned out that the best player was at home.

Zidane chose Danilo in the most important games at the beginning, including the first leg in the Champions League quarter-final against Wolfsburg. Luckily, he changed his mind and Carvajal earned his position in the line up. Unfortunately, he missed the Euro due to an injury.