Gareth Bale Awakes from the Nightmare

Gareth Bale Awakes from the Nightmare


The start of the season hasn’t been easy for Gareth Bale. Actually, it was also very tough the last months of the last season, even if the club was able to win the Champions League and La Liga. But Gareth Bale wasn’t protagonist in both achievements because he was spending his time in the nursery room instead of in the pitch.

In the first weeks of the present season, he’s been facing several criticism for his poor performances. Bale was struggling to score goals and to participate in the game, whereas his competitors, Marco Asensio and Isco Alarcón, were shining in every game.

Zinedine Zidane asked for patience when he was interrogated about Bale’s performance. The Welshman is always in the line-up, especially after Benzema’s injury, and little by little he’s playing better. The first shed of light was against Real Sociedad, when he scored a brilliant goal, summing up his skills: speed, technique and ability to score.

Zinedine Zidane insists to put Bale in the attacking line, together with Cristiano Ronaldo, instead of in the left wing. However, from the left side he’s provoking several chances, assisting Cristiano Ronaldo. At Dortmund, he improved his level, scoring a superb goal with a subtle volley and giving one assist to Cristiano Ronaldo. This is what the supporters expect from Gareth Bale.

Now the Welshman has to continue with this level and convince everybody that he’s able to show a great level for several months. At Dortmund, he was substituted with some physical problems, but Zidane said it wasn’t important. It’s very likely that Bale can have some rest against Espanyol, but we expect the best of him after the international break, when Real Madrid need to put some pressure on Barcelona, With 2 goals in La Liga so far, he’s still very far from the numbers he got in his first three season -15, 13 and 19-. Hopefully the best Bale is still to come, as Zidane insists.